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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 4th March

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Renishaw Launch AGILITY 5-Axis Multi-Sensor CMMs

Renishaw has announced that it now offers an extended range of AGILITY co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The range of AGILITY CMMs has been designed and made for speed and accuracy, building on Renishaw’s unrivalled reputation for innovation in the most demanding industry sectors … read more

Holographic Measurement To Enable Precision Inline Q.A.

Modern optical measurement techniques such as digital holography enable inline quality assurance. Until now, the size and cost of the light sources have prevented these measurement techniques from becoming widely established. As part of the MultiLambdaChip research project, Fraunhofer IPM is developing highly integrated, cost-effective laser light sources … read more

Seven AI Potentials In Smart Manufacturing

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries. It also offers immense potential for production . By using AI, manufacturing companies can optimize processes , increase productivity and achieve previously unthinkable efficiencies . Nevertheless, AI technologies are far from being used everywhere. In this article you will learn everything about the potential of AI … read more

CT Helps Develop Sustainable Ketchup Cap

Heinz has taken a major step forward for sustainable packaging with the introduction of its first fully recyclable ketchup cap, made possible through a pioneering collaboration with Berry Global. Combining complex engineering with simple materials, Heinz’s achievement offers a model for manufacturers … read more

Measure Twice… and Then Measure Again – Meet The Metrologists

Metrology plays a key role in all industries, and car manufacturing is no different. It’s a field where literally every millimetre counts, and metrologists are the ones who ensure that every part fits and functions perfectly. Precision is more than just an ambition here: it’s a necessity. Metrologists are rarely in the spotlight … read more

Covision Lab Spins-Off Pioneering 3D Scanning Technology Company

Covision Lab, an open innovation technology center focused on industrial applications in computer vision, machine learning and A.I., has announces a transformative step in its trajectory with the spin-off of its subsidiary, Covision Media. This strategic maneuver aims to expedite Covision Media’s growth … read more

Nokia Launches MX Workmate Gen AI Solution For Connected Workers

Nokia has announced the launch of MX Workmate, a suite of operational technology – compliant tools, that makes it easier for industrial workers to interact with industrial machines. MX Workmate leverages Generative AI and large language module technologies to generate contextual, human-like language content … read more

Smart Vision Unveils Machine Vision Light With Hidden Strobe Technology

Smart Vision Lights (SVL), a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative LED illumination solutions, has introduced the LHI-DO Lightgistics series light, which is available in 300 mm and 600 mm models designed to deliver intense linear light in high-speed scan tunnel systems. Equipped with Hidden Strobe technology … read more

Hybrid Hexapod Redefines Ultra Precise 6D Motion

ALIO Industries continually reaffirms its position at the forefront of nanometer-level precision motion control technology with the patented Hybrid Hexapod. The system has redefined the approach to 6D motion, setting a new standard for applications requiring extreme flatness, straightness, and stiffness in motion … read more

AI Co-Pilot For AM OEM Integration Launches With EOS

1000 Kelvin, the pioneering startup behind the advanced AI co-pilot platform for additive manufacturing, in collaboration with EOS, a leader in industrial-grade 3D printing solutions, have announced a major milestone: the integration of AMAIZE into the EOS software suite. The deep integration significantly expedites production … read more

Flexible Cobotic Vision Test Station Provides Total Versatility

Collaborative robots (cobots) are considered a key technology in industry. Generally equipped with AI and sensor technology, these robots work alongside people in production facilities, unlocking flexible and intelligent automation concepts. In today’s world of batch size of one, fragile supply chains, and new and ever-changing regulations … read more

ZEISS Announce ‘Quality Innovation Days’ – Digital Metrology Event

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has announced it will not be taking part in the CONTROL 2024 exhibition this year. This decision follows strategic considerations and ZEISS will switch to a two-year cycle for participation in the Control Exhibition in the future. Instead, ZEISS will introduce the Quality Innovation Format … read more

Joint MBE and QIF Summit To Offer Model-Based Enterprise Focus

A joint event scheduled for April ’24 – the Quality Information Framework (QIF) Summit with the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Summit, featuring content organized by DMSC and NIST. The event venue will be the Chicago Manufacturing x Digital facility … read more

Facilitator For Plug-and-Play Robot Automation Raises $42.5 Million

RobCo, an expert in modular, affordable, and connected robotics automation solutions for SMEs has raised $42.5 million (Series B) from Lightspeed Venture Partners and additional investors to fuel its development and growth trajectory. Former Apple and Nvidia investor Sequoia Capital, along with Kindred Capital and Promus Ventures … read more