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Covision Lab Spins-Off Pioneering 3D Scanning Technology Company

Covision Lab, an open innovation technology center focused on industrial applications in computer vision, machine learning and A.I., has announces a transformative step in its trajectory with the spin-off of its subsidiary, Covision Media. This strategic maneuver aims to expedite Covision Media’s growth, enabling it to function as a scale-up company, dedicated to revolutionising the 3D scanning and 3D e-commerce industry.

The 3D scanners transform every physical object into its 3D digital twin, in a few minutes, at unprecedented quality and most importantly at scale.

Customers typically install the 3D scanners on-site in their e-commerce photo studios and are able to generate tens of thousands of 3D scans (digital twins) per 3D scanner per year. Alternatively 3D digital twin production can be commissioned as a service to Covision Media and its partners who are in the process of setting up 3D scanning centers.

Under the umbrella of Covision Lab, Covision Media has rapidly established itself in the 3D scanning and e-commerce sector, boasting a clientele and a strong partnership with NVIDIA. These affiliations underscore Covision Media’s standing as the go-to provider for cutting-edge and high-performance 3D scanning solutions.

Technological Uniqueness Rooted in Computer Vision and Machine Learning Research

Covision Media’s success is rooted in its technological prowess, leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning, computer vision and AI techniques.

One of Covision Media’s unique capabilities is that all 3D models are ‘relightable’. It allows Covision’s customers to put their 3D models in any kind of virtual environment and lighting conditions. Companies like adidas and NUREG, for example, are deriving all kinds of visual content for e-commerce product pages from it: classic 2D photos, contextual 2D photos and videos, and Virtual-Try-On in Augmented Reality (AR). By leveraging 3D models and its 2D and video derivatives in e-commerce, brands, retailers and tech companies aim at increasing product interactions and conversion rates, while reducing return rates and internal visual productions costs.

As the 3D industry enters a transformative phase, with brands integrating 3D content into online stores, Covision Media is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demand for top-tier 3D assets. The launch of AR, VR, and spatial computing devices, such as the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, further intensifies this demand, positioning Covision Media at the forefront of shaping the future of 3D content.

This strategic move is complemented by the impending release of Covision Media’s next-generation 3D scanner, poised to further automate highest quality 3D model production for deformable and rigid objects. The team is gearing up for the Spring 2024 release, with first installations of the next-generation 3D scanner already scheduled for customers this summer.

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