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ZEISS Announce ‘Quality Innovation Days’ – Online Digital Event For Metrology and Software

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has announced it will not be taking part in the CONTROL 2024 exhibition this year. This decision follows strategic considerations and ZEISS will switch to a two-year cycle for participation in the Control Exhibition in the future.

Instead, ZEISS will introduce the Quality Innovation Format. In the future, this exhibition will present metrological customer solutions and product innovations in various setups.

The ZEISS decision paves the way for the company to introduce its ‘Quality Innovation Days’ which will feature five days of online presentations of cutting edge industrial metrology solutions and the latest product innovations.

Digital Events Hosting Global Industry Experts

During the ‘ZEISS Quality Innovation Days’, quality and metrology experts from all over the world can take part in industry-specific events every day in a compact week to gain insights into changing topics.

Renowned industry experts will highlight the future of measurement technology and software in quality assurance in exciting keynote sessions. Participants can also choose from a variety of breakout sessions to deepen their knowledge and learn from other users. In interactive formats, questions can be addressed directly to industry insiders and experts from ZEISS.

The ‘ZEISS Quality Innovation Days’ is scheduled for April 15-19, 2024.

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