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MEMS Feature-Based Multi-Directional Scanning Camera Recognized

Saccade Vision, a company developing 3D inspection solutions for traditional manufacturing industries has announced that its Saccade-MD, the world’s first feature-based multi-directional scanning camera, was recognized among the best in machine vision by the judges of the Vision Systems Design 2021 Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

“The Vision Systems Design team would like to congratulate Saccade Vision for their score in the 2021 Innovators Awards program,” says Chris Mc Loone, Editor in Chief. “Each year this unbiased and increasingly competitive program aims to celebrate the most innovative products and systems in machine vision.”

“We are proud to be acknowledged by industry experts among the best machine vision solutions in the market,” says Alex Shulman, Saccade’s co-founder and CEO. “For us it is very encouraging to see a confirmation of a market need fulfilled by Saccade-MD towards digital transformation of traditional manufacturing processes.”

Saccade-MD uses prior knowledge coming from the digital model (such as CAD) to optimize 3D image acquisition locally. Saccade system offers precise, fast and flexible inspection coupled with automatic conversion of a CAD model into an inspection plan. Saccade-MD overcomes some key limitations present in traditional profilometers and structured light 3D systems and does not require camera or part motion to achieve a high-resolution and high-accuracy point cloud for a variety of quality inspection use cases in manufacturing processes such as metal forming, plastic injection, machining and additive manufacturing.

Saccade Vision targets the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing processes, such as metal forming, machining, injection molding and assembly, by offering precise, fast, compact and flexible 3D dimensional inspection solutions that can be integrated directly on the manufacturing equipment for comprehensive quality assurance, predictive analytics and process control.

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