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Latest Notepad Video: The Material Curve Ratio

The seventh video in the Notepad Series from Digital Metrology Solutions has been released.

In the previous Notepad Series video “The Material Ratio Curve,” was discussed which shows the amount of material that we encounter as we move down into a surface.

“In the latest video we introduce the Rk Parameters, which are derived from that curve. These parameters are widely used in industries such as engine components, and their use is growing in other areas. Yet most people don’t know where they come from or what they really mean.” comments Mark Malburg, President of Digital Metrology.

The Rk parameters describe the peaks, valleys, and core region of a surface. All three regions may play important roles in how a surface will wear, support a load, retain lubrication, etc. A single number cannot describe all of these traits…but the Rk parameters can.

“This video series is designed to introduce casual users to surface analysis. Many technicians, researchers and engineers rely on surface data but only have a passing knowledge of how to explore and understand a surface. Slides, equations, and theory can sometimes get in the way. Each of these videos presents a single topic in just a few minutes. We take a concept down to the level of a simple drawing in real time, which provides an incredibly effective path to understanding.”

The Notepad Series departs from the typical web-based seminar content. “The Notepad Series flips this model upside down. The sessions are brief, informal, free, and there is no commitment or registration required for viewing.”

Malburg added that the videos serve as a catalyst for further training. “These videos elevate the basic knowledge level and make dedicated training/consulting more accessible and more effective.”

The Notepad Series videos are available at New videos follow every few weeks.