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k-Space Launches Its Newest Thin Film Metrology Solution

k-Space Associates has announced the launch of its newest thin film metrology tool, the kSA XRF (X-Ray fluorescence). It measures film thickness for materials that are too thin for reliable optical measurements. This technique has been proven to measure semiconductor and dielectric layers on glass panels, wafers, and susceptors for applications in solar, power, and other thin film devices.

k-Space CEO Darryl Barlett stated that “we developed the kSA XRF while helping one of our existing customers measure dielectric coatings that couldn’t be measured using traditional optical methods. The XRF measures dielectric coatings below 100 nanometers and can be used by makers of glass panels, solar panels, MOCVD carriers and other products. It’s a superior and more scalable option than existing tools and is easily installed into conveyor lines.”

The kSA XRF uses an X-ray source, detector, and proprietary software to measure the X-ray emission spectrum, which is then used to calculate film thickness in real-time. It measures the appropriate atomic species based on the customer’s unique coating formula and measurement needs. The kSA XRF can be configured for a standalone benchtop setup or over a conveyor for in-line inspection and manufacturing process control.

According to CEO Barlett, “the kSA XRF allows users to characterize and monitor their thin film coatings during production, thereby increasing yield and reducing costs.”

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