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July 2023 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

As we venture into the ‘lazy days’ of summer, and the long-awaited vacation season, we have been pleasantly surprised by the high level of activity that has reached our news desk this month. Abundant new product introductions, a revival of acquisitions after a lull, and a steady stream of partnership announcements indicate that companies are actively bolstering their product plans and strategic directions.

Amidst this continuous stream of news, it serves as a reminder of the paramount significance the metrology sector holds in the realm of manufacturing across diverse industries and processes. Its role in ensuring precision, uniformity, and excellence in product production cannot be overstated. In the latest era of smart manufacturing, the implementation of cutting-edge sensing technologies like optical sensors, laser scanners, and high-resolution imaging systems has become imperative. To fully embrace Industry 4.0 Integration, heightened connectivity, data sharing, and automation of metrology systems are essential, enabling real-time monitoring, expediting decision-making, and elevating process control to new heights.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of metrology technology. These technologies are revolutionizing measurement processes by sifting through massive volumes of data, detecting intricate patterns and trends that could easily go unnoticed. As a result, metrology processes are becoming more efficient and dependable, promising enhanced precision and reliability going into the future.

As Additive Manufacturing continues to gain widespread adoption across various industries, metrology is set to assume a vital role in safeguarding the quality and precision of printed parts. In this context, in-situ metrology techniques are swiftly emerging, enabling real-time monitoring and control of the manufacturing process during printing. Developments holds the potential to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and consistency throughout the additive manufacturing process.

Undoubtedly, these are exceptionally dynamic and captivating times for the metrology sector. In this month’s newsletter, we highlight a selection of over 80 stories that were posted in July. Editorial focussed articles this month included “Metrology 4.0 – Is It Really Happening and How?”; “Data Driven Manufacturing -Leveraging the Potential of Closed-Loop Systems”;  “The Rise of The Industrial Robots – So What?”; “Metrology Goes Inline With Automated Production Systems” and “Turning Factories Into Smart Manufacturers With AI”.

The complete library of July articles can be accessed by clicking here.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Fully Automated Surface Inspection for Smart Factories

ZEISS has launched the next generation of the surface inspection system ABIS. The new sensor ZEISS ABIS III, which has been designed, developed and produced in Germany, enables reliable and early inspection of the entire component surface, within cycle time, due to its objective evaluation and classification of all kinds of defects, making the automated system the ideal tool for modern press shops and future-oriented automotive body shops … read more

Large Area Scanner for Portable and Robotic Applications

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the release of a new modular 3D laser scanner designed for large surface inspection for use with both its laser tracker and portable measuring arm devices. The new Absolute Scanner AS1-XL is built on the same SHINE technology as its flagship Absolute Scanner AS1, allowing it to collect extremely clean 3D data at very high speeds from even the most challenging surface types. With a wider scan line … read more

Metrology 4.0 – Is It Really Happening and How?

Metrology 4.0, also known as Smart Metrology or Digital Metrology, is a significant development currently happening in the field of industrial metrology. It is closely allied to the broader concept of Industry 4.0, which refers to the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing and production processes. Metrology 4.0 represents a paradigm shift in how measurements and quality control are performed in manufacturing industries … read more

Leveraging the Potential of Closed-Loop Systems

In the era of Manufacturing 4.0 and digital transformation, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. One of the most promising advancements is closed-loop manufacturing, helped by the digital revolution that has paved the way for transformative advancements in the manufacturing industry. Closed-loop manufacturing stands out as a groundbreaking concept that maximizes productivity and quality by seamlessly integrating feedback metrology data … read more

Metrology Goes Inline With Automated Production Systems

Due to the fast transformation in the manufacturing world – the electrification of the automotive industry and the reali­zation of smart factories – more and more automotive body shops are asking for fully integrated metrology systems in their lines. The digital transformation of inline metrology reduces the workload on measuring rooms while increasing the number of measured parts … read more

New-Generation CMM Dramatically Cuts Measurement Times

In a pilot project hosted by Starrag, the new-generation ZEISS PRISMO 7/12/7 fortis equipped with the high-performance package ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode for Aerospace Applications combines accuracy and productivity in breathtaking style. Benefits include a remarkable 80% reduction in the rotary table axis definition time and superlative interaction with ZEISS CALYPSO software … read more

The Rise of The Industrial Robots – So What?

In this article, David Alatorre – Chief Technical Officer at Rivelin Robotics, explores the challenges being faced by manufacturing organisations across industries. A societal and cultural shift away from manual, craftsmanship-based roles, coupled with the perception of health risks in manufacturing occupations has led to a significant skills shortage in the sector. Various other challenges include regulatory pressures, unstable supply chains, and unprecedented uncertainties … read more

CNC Process Monitoring At The Point of Action

The rapid development of digital technologies and the Industrial Internet of Things are the drivers of the industrial revolution currently taking place under the name ‘Industry 4.0’. In the course of this, advanced manufacturing technologies are being combined with IIoT systems with the goal of automated, unmanned production. The necessity for this change results from the constantly growing requirements for accuracy, efficiency and flexibility of production processes … read more

Optical Measurement Drives Part Fixturing Innovations

As the result of many years of partnership with the traditional German brand AUDI, new standards in the field of fixture technology have ultimately emerged due to groundbreaking innovations. These have since become part of the standard component manufacturing for car manufacturers worldwide. The latest development for the quality group is the resource-saving Multi Fixture, which offers real world solutions with its simplicity and clever flexibility … read more

Turning Factories Into Smart Manufacturers With AI

Artificial intelligence has been on everybody’s lips since the launch of the ChatGPT chatbot. AI is also making great strides in industrial production technology. Machine learning can increase the efficiency of manufacturing. But just how does it work? Find out how at EMO Hannover 2023 expo. Under the banner of ‘Innovate Manufacturing’, the leading trade fair for production technology … read more

High Texture Resolution Hand-Held 3D Color Scanner Launched

Shining 3D has announced the launch of EinScan H2 hand-held color 3D scanner. The H2 improves on its predecessor with a 5MP resolution texture camera, enhanced accuracy, and 3 infrared VCSEL projectors for more photorealistic textures and better quality data. Its wide scanning area and adjustable working distance make it suitable for various scenes and objects, both small and large, in narrow or wide spaces … read more

OGP Unveils New Floor Model SmartScope Multisensor System

Optical Gaging Products (OGP), a world-leading manufacturer of optical and precision multisensor metrology systems for industrial quality control, has announced SmartScope E45, a floor model addition to the all-new SmartScope E-Series family of Automatic Digital Zoom Metrology Systems. With the launch of the benchtop model SmartScope E7 in September 2022 … read more

Transforming Appliance Manufacturing With Digital 3D Measurement Data

GE Appliances, a Haier company, has been making heating and cooking products since 1907. Based in the 750-acre Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky, USA the company employs more than 8,000 people. Product innovations include the first self-cleaning oven and over-the-range microwave. Pioneering the first suite of Wi-Fi-connected appliances and products that interact with Google Home … read more

Wireless Portable Sensor Reaches Features Others Measuring Devices Cannot Access

The Bogie Lead-Factory of Siemens-Mobility in Graz, Austria, a development center and manufacturing plant of high-tech bogies, is an important partner of the global rail vehicle industry. Whether bogies for streetcars, locomotives, passenger coaches or high-speed multiple units – the Siemens Mobility World Center of Excellence for Bogies covers the complete product range for track-bound traffic … read more

Next Generation Confocal Chromatic Sensor With Integrated Controller

The confocal measurement principle is designed for high accuracy, non contact displacement distance and position measurement against any surface: solid, transparent, polished mirrored surfaces, low reflective matt surfaces and even liquids. If a surface is transparent, a one sided thickness measurement can be achieved with inbuilt correction for the material refractive index … read more

Hexagon Introduces Automated Vision Measurement System In Asia

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the launch of OPTIV Scope, an innovative vision Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) that simplifies quality inspection across industries. OPTIV Scope combines efficiency, accuracy, precision and ease of use enabling businesses to save time and reduce the costs of quality inspection. The system is ideal for inspecting high volumes of parts with similar shapes. Speed is of the essence in today’s fast-paced … read more

Marposs Announces Acquisition of Solarius Development Inc

Marposs has announced the acquisition of Solarius Development Inc., a leading provider of high-tech manufacturing solutions for the Consumer Electronics and Semiconductor Industry. Solarius provides engineering, application and manufacturing expertise covering the entire lifecycle from design to installation, commissioning, training, application support, repair and maintenance of precision systems for non-contact surface inspection, measurement, analysis … read more

Atlas Copco Acquires German Augmented Reality Solutions Provider

Atlas Copco has acquired Extend3D GmbH, a company that develops and produces augmented reality worker guidance for industry customers, using laser and video projection. The company has 16 employees, was founded in 2010,  and based in Munich, Germany. In 2022, the company had revenues of approximately 3 MEUR ($3.29 million). Extend3D GmbH develops and produces augmented reality systems including 3D video and laser projectors … read more

Nikon Strengthens X-ray Digital Inspection Solutions

Nikon Americas Inc, the US subsidiary of Nikon Corporation (Nikon), has purchased the US company Avonix Imaging LLC (Avonix) Minnesota, USA which since 2015 has been a strategic X-ray CT (computed tomography) equipment manufacturing partner to Nikon Industrial Metrology Business Unit (IMBU). As a long-established imaging inspection services provider that uses systems from Nikon for both X-ray/CT 3D and 2D inspection … read more

Zivid Unveils Transparent Imaging 3D Cameras

Zivid unveiled the full line up for the Zivid 2+ camera family at the recent Automatica exhibition in Munich, Germany. The M60, M130 and L110, series of 3D cameras unlock a swathe of applications through improved resolution and transparent imaging capabilities.  Zivid 2+ M60 brings the highest, accuracy, and quality to point clouds and 2D images … read more

Verisurf 2024 Introduces New Productivity Workflows and Metrology Device Compatibility

Verisurf Software has announced its 2024 software release providing new productivity workflows, powerful tools, enhanced functions, and expanded sensor and device compatibility, all designed to better connect metrology and manufacturing for global success. With the release of Verisurf 2024, the Company continues its commitment to user-friendliness, stability, flexibility, and intelligent workflows, enhancing efficiency, quality, and throughput … read more

Collaboration To Accelerate Integration of AI-Based Robotics and Automation Technology

Intrinsic, an Alphabet company, and Siemens have teamed up to explore integrations and interfaces between Intrinsic’s robotics software, which is designed for easy use of AI-based capabilities, and Siemens Digital Industries with their open and interoperable portfolio for automating and operating industrial production. Intrinsic has a world-class team of robotics and … read more

AI-Powered Inspection Ensures Quality While Improving Efficiency and Flexibility

Consumers today demand customized products to meet their personal needs and tastes. Instead of producing items that are ‘made to shelve’ and ‘sent to stock’, manufacturers must personalize products that are ‘made for me’ and ‘sent to me’. This is revolutionizing production and forcing companies to rethink their processes. At the same time, ensuring zero complaints and zero defects is a must … read more

Heat-Resistant Ceramic Ink Allows Data Codes To Be Applied To Metal Components

Fraunhofer researchers have developed an extremely heat-resistant ceramic-based ink. For the first time, this enables metal components processed in the automotive industry at temperatures over 1,000 ºC to be marked with a code. The code can be scanned and is linked to a database in which all the manufacturing parameters for the component in question are stored … read more


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