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July 2022 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

Smart manufacturing, through the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles and practices, is beginning to take hold. Integrated automated metrology (Metrology 4.0) will have a preeminent role on the factory floor in these next generational manufacturing operations. Integrated automated metrology systems can be inline, nearline, or offline depending on the industry, production volume, and application. Many different sensor technologies will be chasing the same measurement applications, making customer selection criteria much more complex. Increasingly companies will seek out integration expertise with proven track records to implement these sophisticated automated measurement solutions and will look at a suppliers’ record of integration and ongoing support rather than just their respective ‘boxed’ technologies.

The integration of 3D measurement sensors directly inside manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment will see a dramatic uptake going forward. The market uptake of ‘plug-in’ Smart Sensors, with onboard computing, and readily programmed measurement software will increase dramatically. Single laser line scanners will migrate to multiple laser lines and structured light, with many employing MEMS devices, as an internal mover, to perform point cloud generation over a specific region of localized interest.

Measurement has always been about comparing actual inspected data to a blueprint. The component digital twin now allows for the rapid seamless analysis of a part dimensional geometry against its electronic nominal model and thereby allowing for the real-time adaptive manufacturing control that has for so long been elusive in most manufacturing operations.

These are exciting times for the metrology sector as it plays a pivotal role in the transformation of global manufacturing industries.

This month’s featured articles include ‘Industry 4.0 Brings Opportunities To Infuse AI Into Manufacturing’; Illuminating The Way Forward With Digital Manufacturing’, ‘Smart Data Analysis Helps Achieve Real-Time Quality Assurance’, and ‘Smart Manufacturing – How Digital Twins Optimizes Manufacturing Efficiency?’.

As the vacation season is now in full swing we were suprised at just how much news was available to publish this month, including numerous new and enhanced products, along with the business stories of ‘Zeiss spinning off its Fixture Systems Group’ and ‘VisiConsult acquiring a majority stake in CT specialist Diondo’. The magazine below highlights a selection of our July published stories; the complete library of July articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with guest articles – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing EditorIndustry 4.0 Brings Opportunities To Infuse AI Into Manufacturing

We live in the age of Industry 4.0. This Fourth Industrial Revolution with its unprecedented speed and scale allows you to take a more data-driven approach to operations. This data, pulled from your assets, adds value and enables smarter decisions. As you integrate more assets into business workflows … read more

Illuminating The Way Forward With Digital Manufacturing

To address modern challenges throughout manufacturing, Sandvik has created the Lighthouse program. Leveraging technology, this digital initiative engages customers and supports their pursuit of zero downtime and maximum efficiency across all departments. Sandvik Lighthouse Factories Manufacturing is evolving at a pace that is increasing exponentially. With COVID-19 this pace has accelerated … read more

Why Wi-Fi 6/6E Are Better For Industrial IIOT

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has published the whitepaper ‘Wi-Fi 6/6E for Industrial IoT: Enabling Wi-Fi Determinism in an IoT World’, which explores how Wi-Fi’s latest features are ideal for meeting the unique, demanding requirements for a wide variety of existing and emerging IIoT applications … read more

Smart Data Analysis Helps Achieve Real-Time Quality Assurance

Smart data analysis helps Grenzebach to achieve real-time quality assurance and predictive machine maintenance for its innovative friction stir welding systems. In this way, the machinery and plant engineering specialists make a contribution to raising 24/7 series manufacturing to a new level … read more

Digital Twin Consortium Publishes White Paper on Reality Capture

The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) has published a new white paper entitled, ‘Reality Capture: A Digital Twin Foundation’. The paper introduces the fundamentals of reality capture, which in many cases, plays a key role in the lifecycle of a digital twin. It provides organizations with an understanding of reality-capture devices … read more

Enhanced Digital Twin Software Integrates Wearable Scanner

AVEVA, a leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, has announced that its engineering information management solutions, the core of its digital twin, now deliver greater time and value gains for  capital projects and operations. With the seamless integration of AVEVA Point Cloud Manager and AVEVA Asset Information Management in the cloud visualizing … read more

Smart Manufacturing – How Digital Twins Optimizes Manufacturing Efficiency

In the next few years, the digital twin solution for manufacturing is expected to grow rapidly, driven by the need for improved productivity and lower maintenance costs.  From 2022 to 2027, the smart manufacturing market by enabling technologies for digital twins is expected to grow at a CAGR of 68.9% … read more

Collaboration to Accelerate Digital Transformation with AI-based Simulation

Altair, a leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with LG Electronics (LG) to accelerate the digital transformation of product development. Together, Altair and LG will promote research and development and the construction of a simulation platform … read more

Inline and Immediate Detection of Defective Stamped Parts

The order has been processed, the last box filled. But a quick glance reveals that all parts have a scratch on important functional surfaces – a rule-out criterion for the customer. So there is no choice but to start production all over again, dispose of the scrap and make up for the lost time if possible … read more

Robotic Paint Defects Detection Uses Stripe Reflectometry

Autaza Paint is an optical quality inspection system for capable of identifying over 30 types of appearance defects in plastic, metal, and composite materials. The optical sensing system uses stripe reflectometry technology to highlight defects …. read more

Robot Guided Vehicle Wheel Assembly Using Matched Point Cloud Data

When Bluewrist were approached by an automotive OEM to automate wheel assembly there were a number of challenges to address when designing the application solution that would improve performance, process, and quality. The challenges related to both the rotors and the processes involved in the fitting of the tires … read more

De-Warp Software Compensates For Plastic Parts Warpage

Injection-molded plastic parts often show warpage after production due to cooling effects and other production parameters. The parts then don’t correspond with the CAD data or show many out of tolerance dimensions. To reduce warpage, it is possible to adjust some production parameters … read more

Zeiss Spins-Off Fixture Systems Group

Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems GmbH will operate independently as FIXTURE TECH Solutions GmbH from July 2022. The new owner of the company is the long-term oriented ASC Investment Group, which has taken over not only the business but also the company’s approximately 100 employees. In the future, FIXTURE TECH Solutions will … read more

VisiConsult Acquiring Majority Stake in CT Specialist Diondo

In what is described as a significant move for the industry, VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH has announced that it has signed an agreement that allows it to acquire a majority stake in the CT specialist diondo GmbH. This strategic cooperation will significantly increase the capabilities of both companies … read more

3D Camera with Micron-Level Inspection and Measurement Accuracy

Mech-Mind Robotics recently announced the official release of Mech-Eye UHP-140, its all-new industrial 3D camera with micron-level accuracy. Mech-Eye UHP-140 is specially designed for demanding inspection and measurement applications in automotive and other industries. It can be used to inspect or measure … read more

Cobot Increases Efficiency In Tool Wear Measurement

At the Institute for Machine Tools (IfW) at the University of Stuttgart, a Compact Cobot relieves employees of the task of measuring tool wear. The system consists of a UR10e from Universal Robots and an optical 3D measuring sensor from Bruker Alicona. It enables measurements directly in the machine tool eliminating … read more

CMM Adds More Measuring Productivity On The Production Line

By using a special shop floor measuring machine from WENZEL in the production process, PLANIMOLDE has been able to significantly increase its measuring throughput. The manufacturer of high-quality injection moulds relies on the Wenzel SF 87 CMM and has integrated it fully automatically into a production cell … read more

3D Scanner Guarantees Seamless Reverse Engineering Process

AADS specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of specialized Jeep vehicles for governmental organizations worldwide. The company is a fully integrated business with research and development, design, prototyping, testing and production expertise. They care passionately about service and support … read more

MakerVerse and ZEISS Collaborate to Realize Industrial Grade AM Quality

ZEISS and MakerVerse announced their commitment to a collaboration that assures the delivery of industrial grade quality components to customers of the MakerVerse on-demand manufacturing platform. With this joint approach, MakerVerse builds on ZEISS’ expertise as world leader in industrial quality solutions and enabler of powder to high performance applications … read more

‘Digital Reality’ Challenge Announced Empowering Start-Ups To Scale Ideas in Manufacturing

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the launch of its second Sixth Sense start-up challenge: digital reality and visualisation for a sustainable future. Hexagon launched the Sixth Sense open innovation platform in January 2022 to nurture start-ups in the advanced manufacturing space with Hexagon resources … read more

Is On-Machine Inspection The Key To Precision Machining?

For quality control of CNC machined parts, most machine shops use a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). A CMM checks that the geometry and dimensions of a finished part match the original design, ensuring that the customer does not receive defective parts. It identifies even the most marginal errors and allows … read more

Optical Measurement Systems For EV Stator Hairpins

Marposs has announced a non-contact measuring system for performing dimensional verification of hairpins used in stator windings. Through optical inspection using three proprietary high-resolution cameras featuring telecentric optics, the system measures the head, tail, and roof of the hairpin with the goal of keeping lengths, widths and twisting under control … read more

Digital Twin Scan Data Automates Measurement For US Army

The Zeiss GOM 8360 ScanBox measures millions of points across aviation components and produces a 3D digital scan of parts in their real-world condition. This approach to measurement is a step forward for current operations that have historically depended on calipers, micrometers, or feeler gauges as primary measurement tools … read more

Navy Uses 3D Scanning Capability For Reverse Engineering

Using a 3D scanner to collect information allows for more accurate measurements of complex geometrical objects, the ability to quickly gather information and the ability to reference the scans at a later time. There are two different ways to scan the object: hand scanning and large volume scanning … read more

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