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Groundbreaking Automated Work Instructions Generation Software Announced

DIRAC has emerged from stealth launching a groundbreaking automated work instruction platform named BuildOS.

BuildOS is a software solution designed to streamline the manufacturing process by automatically generating assembly work instructions from CAD files. BuildOS eliminates the need for manual work instructions, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Today, assembly work instructions can take weeks or months of manual effort figuring out what order to assemble all of the parts in, part by part, to taking hundreds of screenshots of CAD files, to manually typing up each step-by-step direction and producing several hundreds of PowerPoint pages.

Work Instructions – The Dread of Engineers

BuildOS automates 80% of the grunt work and lets manufacturing engineers focus on the remaining highly-skilled 20%. BuildOS will tighten the feedback loop between design and build. With BuildOS, user drop in a CAD file and let the product do the rest. BuildOS figures out what order to perform all of the assembly of a mechanical system, produces 3D renderings and animations of each step, and generates the text for each instruction — all automatically taking the process of drafting work instructions from weeks to minutes. Build|OS also allows fixtures and associated tools to be imported into simulations and instructions as required.

Some of the most advanced manufacturing companies on the planet suffer from the archaic work instruction process. “We run a tight ship and move quickly at Lumafield. Our team of world class mechanical and manufacturing engineers are able to do more in less time than most organizations because of our use of advanced software tools in every part of our work,” says Eduardo Torrealba, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumafield. “Assembly instructions are one area where we are typically forced to adopt slow, clunky processes from traditional engineering workflows due to the lack of great software. We wish there was a better way to get this work done more efficiently.”

Key product features include:

AI Driven Intelligence: Rapidly discerns assembly sequences from complex CAD assembly files.

3D, Interactive, Automatically Animated: Every step is animated automatically in an interactive 3d environment.

80% Automated: Text and visual instructions automatically generated.

Real-Time Updates: Updates to CAD files adapted automatically.

Smart Instructions: Remembers useful details about parts.

AI Backed Precision Ensures Product Meet Standards

“We automate 80% of the grunt work, and for the remaining 20% that we don’t automate, the tribal knowledge, rules of thumb like ‘grease this,’ “’ocktite that,’ and ‘orque this bolt to this spec,’ we allow the user to fill in those gaps as well as reorder, annotate, and manipulate the generated content as they see fit. Users can generate and view in several flexible formats, from viewing and crafting on a laptop or iPhone, to generating outputting paper instructions, and everything in between” comments Filip Aronshtein DIRAC Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re building something that improves engineers quality of life, that automates away the grunt work that hundreds of thousands of people dread doing every day at work. We’re automating work instructions so production teams can get back to doing what they love: building great things.”

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