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Eleven Dynamics Unveils The Future of Measuring Arms

In a significant stride towards the future of manufacturing technology, Eleven Dynamics AG has launched NEXOS GEAR, an automated measurement table powered by the renowned NEXOS AIR software.

Buy it. Plug it. Run it.

The NEXOS GEAR stands true to its tagline — “buy it, plug it, run it.” It embodies a future where precision meets ease of use, offering a seamless experience from purchase to operation. The product is designed to integrate effortlessly into any manufacturing environment, ready to use immediately upon installation.

NEXOS GEAR offers exceptional precision offering certified measurements accurate to 15 µ, ensuring the highest quality in every detail. Fully compatible with Industry 4.0 standards and the latest PLC technology, NEXOS GEAR is ready for the future.

NEXOS GEAR is mobile and designed to plug in and use immediately in any manufacturing environment, it facilitates mobility and flexibility in operations. Automated and efficient inspection processes streamline workflows and enhance measurement productivity. Quick and intuitive operation enables efficient measurements, saving time and resources.

The ability to transfer existing programs from manual machines, ensuring a smooth transition and operational continuity. NEXOS GEAR requires no prior robot experience, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

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