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NMi Group Bolsters UK Position with Strategic Acquisition of Avon Dynamic Calibration

NMi Group, a leader in mission-critical product Testing, Inspection, Certification and Calibration (TICC) services, has announced the strategic acquisition of Avon Dynamic Calibration Ltd (Avon Dynamic). Avon Dynamic is a UKAS-accredited calibration and dimensional measurement specialist in the UK. This pivotal acquisition strengthens NMi’s foothold in the applied metrology and calibration industry and marks a significant step forward in NMi’s strategic expansion in the UK.

Established as Avon Calibration in 1985, Avon Dynamic merged with Dynamic Calibration in 2007, creating a powerhouse renowned for delivering comprehensive calibration solutions in electrical and dimensional fields. Avon Dynamic is strategically located in the Southwest of England, nestled within a vital aerospace and advanced manufacturing/engineering hub, ideally situated to serve a diverse clientele. This includes both domestic and international blue-chip customers seeking premium quality services, such as Avon Dynamic’s highly specialized interferometry testing.

Yvo Jansen, NMi Group CEO, stated, “Avon Dynamic’s legacy of quality, accuracy, and reliability, cultivated over nearly four decades, aligns seamlessly with NMi Group’s vision. We are honoured to welcome Avon Dynamic and their great team to NMi Group to further enhance our reputation for unmatched solutions.”

Current owners Suzy Brain and Jamie Castree commented on the transaction, stating, “Our journey with Avon Dynamic has been incredibly rewarding, and we’re thrilled to see it further evolve by becoming a part of the NMi Group. This move reflects our dedication to ensure Avon Dynamic remains at the forefront of the calibration industry.”

Upon completion of the acquisition, Jale Cairney will assume the role of Managing Director at Avon Dynamic, spearheading the close cooperation between Avon Dynamic and the NMi Group to drive excellence and innovation. She brings a wealth of experience to her new role, previously serving as the Global Sales Director at Lloyd’s Register and Business Development Director of Renewable Energy at ABS Group.

This acquisition is a significant milestone in NMi Group’s buy-and-build growth strategy, underscoring its commitment to delivering world-class Testing, Inspection, Certification and Calibration services globally. The origins of NMi lie in the early Middle Ages, promoting fairness in trade. NMi became a private company in 1989, called the Nederlands Meet Institute. NMi are independent and progressive and guide its customers through the world of metrology.

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