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FLEXI SPEED Innovative Measurement Technology Fixturing System

FLEXI SPEED, a versatile fixturing system developed for both individual and series workpieces, finds application in coordinate measuring machines, height measuring devices, testing equipment, and surface and contour measuring tools.

Its modular design comprises grid rails, bases with connectors, and the C160 Centric fixing systems. FLEXI SPEED, known for its practicality and well-thought-out design, serves as an effective supplement to existing systems.

Featuring three key components for maximum efficiency—machine-adapted grid rails, bases with connectors, and the C160 Centric fixing system—the system’s compact design ensures easy accessibility and optimal utilization of the measuring range, even in smaller coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Each fixing element has a clamping range of 0 to 143mm, accommodating multiple fixations for series or individual components of varying sizes, materials, and shapes as standard. This flexibility enables extended CMM machine runtimes, including unmanned operations.

FLEXI SPEED offers quick conversion and universal expansion capabilities, with seamless integration of classic zero-point systems and easy combination with other components. As a result, it serves as a contemporary addition to existing systems, enhancing their capabilities and adaptability.

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