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Control Expo 2023 Preview #4

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we publish the 3rd in a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 9 – 12th May in Stuttgart, Germany.

Revolutionary Inspection Technology For Non-Destructive Real Time Testing

TENTA VISION will present the world premier of what it describes as a quantum leap in the field of non-destructive testing. The inspection system allows the real-time detection of external and internal defects, regardless of size and geometry. The heart of the system is the patented optical-interferometric measuring device. The brain is the intelligent automation software. The complex optical interplay between laser and camera takes you on a kind of optical FEM analysis and detects hidden material weaknesses in a fraction of a second. As a stand-alone solution, the system is perfectly suited for laboratory operation or non-destructive testing of small series or samples. The true potential is revealed in full automation. Integration into the production line places the highest demands on robustness and reproducibility. In this harsh environment, the testing system impresses with precision, speed and compactness during 100% control, without requiring a specific production environment.

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AI Computer Assisted Visual Inspection

At the end of an assembly step, the visual inspection is usually carried out intuitively by the worker: Is the washer seated correctly? Is the cable tie in place? Is the cable strand the right colour for this connection point? Under certain circumstances, this step is essential for the subsequent product quality and, in case of doubt, saves high reworking costs. The earlier a defect is detected, the easier and usually cheaper it is to rectify. Unfortunately, however, the quality of the results of a human inspection depends on factors such as experience and personal care.

The 2|inspect visual inspection software maps the entire inspection process and provides AI-based ‘inspection assistants’  that are able to detect and evaluate deviations between the image to be inspected and the reference image in a similar way to a human being. This refers not only to questions such as ‘present / not present’, but also to inspection tasks, such as whether an element is ‘there’ but perhaps not correctly attached (twisted, displaced). Since the range between ‘correct’ and “error” can be very wide, the system learns with each check and is able to make an assessment after a short time.

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New WaferMaster and OptoBall Measuring Machine

OptoSurf presents its new WaferMaster measuring machine with which roughness and waviness can be measured over the entire surface of a 300 mm wafer in 30 seconds. The resolution is Ra < 1 nm. The machine is mainly used for the ‘backside grinding’ process.

A further new application is the optical measuring machine OptoBall for the quality assurance of roughness of polished twist drills. The measurement is carried out with the well known scattered light sensor, which can measure the finest polishing quality differences in the flutes of the tools, automatically and in a harsh production environment.

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Contactless Real-Time Coating Layer Thickness Measurement

The current quality control methods for coating layer thickness measurement presents flaws that are addressed with a new technology. Equipment flaws include require contact, measure the thickness of the entire coating instead of every layer, only valid on metallic substrates but not on plastic or composites, only valid for flat surfaces, requires very complex calibration process to add new layer schemes, etc.

das-Nano has solved the challenge with its Irys system, a contactless and non-destructive system that measures the thickness of each coating layer, up to 7 layers. Irys is based on the cutting-edge terahertz technology, which is non-ionizing and, therefore, harmless for humans. Real-time thickness measurements of wet, dry and cured coatings onto any kind of substrate (plastic, metallic and composite) are obtained, providing the customer with faster R&D processes for painting new parts, more reliable painting processes and early detection of defective pieces. In addition, the system can be robotically automated and features a self-calibration system that requires no calibration stops. Applicable on flat and curved surfaces, has an excellent accuracy of 1 micron and measures layer thicknesses down to 5 microns.

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N1 Multispectral 3D Scanner

ScanRG will present its new N1 multispectral 3D scanner. N1 is a 3D laser triangulation scanner with an integrated multispectral unit, developed for part inspection and quality control applications. The N1 combines precise 3D data with RGB and NIR color information, enabling a whole range of new applications and analysis possibilities. Because of its line-scanning principle, the N1 is ideally suited to applications in which parts on moving production lines; the N1 shines in tasks requiring continuous scanning of objects in motion where both shape and color information are crucial. N1 offer a high scanning speed of up to 1500Hz in FAST and 1000Hz in HDR scanning modes.

TheN1 provides a touchscreen for easy setup of connectivity settings, measurement range, speed and synchronization method. The produced data can be monitored by a 3D visualization tool running on the touchscreen with most settings can be changed on the fly.

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