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6DoF BUDDY Test Robot System Calibrates AR/VR Glasses Development

OptoFidelity has announced that it will provide AR glasses manufacturer Nreal with the BUDDY robotic test system to improve product performance. Through this partnership, OptoFidelity will provide its capabilities and insights in AR headset development and manufacturing to help Nreal advance the consumer AR experience.

AR headset manufacturers face mounting pressures to meet demands for high-performance optics and display technologies. Manufacturers must test content stability, motion-to-photon latency, and post-drifting.  OptoFidelity’s BUDDY performance testing robot uses 6 degrees of freedom to test, measure, and calibrate virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR, AR, MR) head-mounted displays (HMDs). The company brings expertise in spatial and temporal measurements used to build the metaverse.

“Nreal is excited to foster this new partnership with OptoFidelity. OptoFidelity’s BUDDY Test System provides Nreal with an incredible opportunity to develop and improve the performance of AR glasses. Together, both companies can build upon our respective expertise to usher in the next era of spatial technology and wearable AR devices,” said Nreal co-founder Kejian Wu.

“We at OptoFidelity are happy to announce this cooperation with Nreal. Besides HMD image quality and optics, accurate low-latency head tracking and SLAM are the most important contributors to the end-user experience and overall HMD performance. We are excited to support Nreal to improve AR products’ performance and development,” said Pekka Laiho, Chief Business Officer of OptoFidelity.

OptoFidelity is a Finnish high-tech enterprise that develops and manufactures automation and optical metrology technology for Augmented Reality devices and display components and is a globally recognized pioneer in test automation and metrology solutions and a market leader in test systems for Augmented Reality displays.

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