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Control 2023 – Measurement Technology Manufacturers Pushing Digitization

In three working groups of the VDMA measurement and testing technology, basic standards are currently being developed that will promote communication and interoperability in measurement technology in the future. At Control 2023, the VDMA is presenting the current projects at its stand in Hall 5. Visitors to the trade fair can talk to experts from the companies involved and find out first-hand about the status of the projects, content and use cases.

The OPC Companion Specification Geometric Measurement Systems (CS GMS) is about to be published. For geometric measuring systems, such as coordinate measuring machines, form and surface measuring machines and multipoint measuring machines, the provision of information for the data transfer from and to geometric measuring systems is defined via a uniform interface that can be used by MES systems or other data management systems. This simplifies the digital integration of measurement systems into a productive Industry 4.0 environment across all manufacturers.

Another project was started at the end of 2022 with OPC UA Cutting Tools. The aim is the exchange of tool parameter data between the CAM system, tool grinding machine and tool measuring machine when manufacturing or reworking cutting tools. The new OPC Companion Specification builds on the specifications for geometric measuring systems and further develops them for tool grinding. The new standard should also enable automated adjustment of the machine settings based on the measurement results. This closed loop represents a significant expansion and can also be used as a building block when the CS GMS is revised.

The I++ DME standard was originally initiated by the automotive industry, and is now being further developed by manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines. The universal and manufacturer-neutral interface standard makes it possible to procure or exchange measuring machines and measuring software independently of one another. Users can choose the best combination of hardware and software for their individual needs.

With the support of the companies Hexagon, Mahr, Mitutoyo, OGP, Renishaw, Walter Maschinenbau, Wenzel and Zeiss, VDMA Mess- und Prüftechnik realized the exhibit in Hall 5 Booth 5508.

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