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Cognex Acquires German Lighting Technology Provider SAC

Machine vision company, Cognex Corporation, has acquired SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics GmbH, a German leader in lighting technology (SAC). The acquisition expands Cognex’s footprint across industries that manufacture at high speed with minimal tolerance for safety-critical failures, such as automotive and consumer electronics. Cognex plans to feature SAC’s Trevista products with its Vision Pro software offering.

Founded in 1996 in Karlsruhe, Germany, SAC’s strong customer base includes leading European automotive suppliers and manufacturers.

“SAC’s technology will improve our defect detection capabilities, and position us particularly well with EV battery manufacturers,” said Joerg Kuechen, Cognex’s Senior Vice President and CTO. “Combining SAC’s capabilities with Cognex’s Vision and AI tools will equip us with industry leading computational lighting technology. Lighting is key to battery inspection because it illuminates small defects on surfaces that could result in safety-critical failures if undetected. EV battery inspection is a large, fast-growing market with sophisticated inspection requirements. We are excited to continue to build out our capabilities and deepen our penetration of this market.”

The function of a component is largely determined by its geometry, especially with shaft-shaped membranes and bellows. Especially in the automotive and electronics industries, the correct shape, surface quality, and faultlessness must be guaranteed 100%. Components that have curved surfaces or areas with free-form geometry pose a great challenge to classic image processing. It’s often not possible to illuminate the inspection areas sufficiently evenly and at the same time work out possible defect characteristics with high contrast. In many cases, a certain degree of gloss makes the reliable detection of faults even more difficult. SAC Trevista enables the fast and reliable inspection of shaft areas, making it the perfect solution for an automated 100% inspection based on the topographical information down to the µm range.

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