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AOI Capabilities Extended With Increased Z-Axis Solution

Automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment supplier, Saki Corporation, has introduced enhancements to its 3Di Series AOI system with a new Z-axis solution to accelerate inspection of tall components, press-fit components and PCBAs in jigs.

The new Z-axis package for the 3Di Series achieves a maximum height-measurement range in 3D mode to 40mm. The maximum focus height in 2D is also increased to 40mm.

With these capabilities, the 3Di Series solutions can inspect low-profile components and refocus on the identification and polarity markings of tall components such as large electrolytic capacitors. The composite image enables accurate defect detection and optical character recognition (OCR), ensuring superior quality assurance.

The boost to 3D performance enables accurate height measurement when inspecting the pins of press-fit connectors, which are increasingly used in various applications including automotive, consumer, and industrial today. Conventional AOI systems with limited Z-axis range can fail to identify defects such as bent pins and incorrect alignment or coplanarity. With advanced algorithms including edge searching and plane detection built-in, Saki’s 3Di Series Z-axis enhancement ensures high inspection accuracy and repeatability.

“The new Z-axis package greatly enhances value for customers by further increasing accuracy driven by the technology of combining images in the height direction,” said Yoshihiro Akiyama, CTO at Saki Corporation. “Our 3Di inspection machine series continues to offer the best capabilities in the industry, ready to handle the latest manufacturing trends including press-fit inspection challenges.”

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