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3D Scanning Spray Automates a Disappearing Act

Scanning transparent, glossy or highly structured parts using optical measurement technology often requires the use of spray. The spray creates a matt, white coating reducing reflection and other optical inhomogeneities and thus provides perfect scanning condition.

Traditional sprays based on pigments, however, endanger scanning operators, pigment-contamination of the sensitive scanning environment and also require intensive cleaning after scanning in case of post-processing of the scanned object.

The self-vanishing product series of AESUB is pigment free and thus allows for direct on spot application without endangering pigment-contamination. As the spray evaporates within a few hours, there is no need for cleaning after scanning. Both features greatly increase efficiency and productivity within the digitizing processes.

No cleaning as vanishing AESUB Scanning spray evaporate within hours

Scanning spray pioneers AESUB has also announced the expansion of its self-vanishing product series with a longer-lasting aerosol version (AESUB orange) and a bulk version for spray guns and automated, inline solutions (AESUB green) to even better serve specific customers’ needs. With these two new products, customers can now select from three alternative vanishing-versions as well as a pigment-based version AESUB white free of titanium dioxide.

AESUB can also supply faster or longer sublimation bespoke solutions particularly when considering automation concepts.

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