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Zeiss and EOS Launch Zeiss AM In-Process

ZEISS and EOS, a leading supplier for responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology, have jointly developed and launched an advanced in-process and post-print powder bed analysis solution.

Using a patented technology from ZEISS, all features of the powder bed are captured with high precision for thorough, reliable analysis layer-by-layer and evaluation of the entire print job. This provides a performant in-situ-proof of powder bed quality via images and defect statistics instead of after build testing of parts.

ZEISS AM in-process offers rapid defect detection and classification with an ultra-high resolution per pixel. A reliable revealing of irregularities in powder bed, even with strongly reflecting materials, is ensured by combining four illumination directions.

The classification allows both preventive and corrective measures to be implemented for specific powder bed defects. Thus, faulty jobs can be stopped early to save productive machine time and allow for an improved usage of material. Powder shortages can be even corrected as they arise due to a communication interface which enables automatic recoating on the build plate. As part of the cooperation, ZEISS AM in-process will be integrated into EOS DMLS systems.

The technology will be available for the EOS M 290 systems, both for already installed and new machines, with no parametrization required for different material and geometries and without impact on the gas flow.

The manufacturing industry has recognized the promising potential of additive manufacturing. To make metal AM a feasible and scalable manufacturing technology industrial grade quality and economic feasibility must be further improved and ensured at the same time.

“For the certification and quality assurance processes, this requires the development of new quality assurance solutions in accordance with the AM-specific conditions. To enable technical and economic feasibility of future-oriented applications, ZEISS AM in-process contributes to making the technical possibilities of additive manufacturing realizable while defining and continuously ensuring required quality standards” states Dr. Claus Hermannstädter, Head of Additive Manufacturing Technology at ZEISS.

“For this software solution, two leaders in their respective field are joining forces to amplify AM possibilities. The automated analysis of the powder bed quality and the quick reaction to identify defects opens immense potential for cost savings of up to 10,000 Euros per build job. At the same time, this is in line with our responsible manufacturing approach as these feedback loops can help to substantially reduce scrap rates and material waste” comments Mirco Schöpf, Product Line Manager Software at EOS.

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