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New CMM Fixture Plate Range Improve Measurement Productivity

Metrology Works is launching its new patent-pending line of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) fixture plates and corresponding rail system at IMTS 2022 (booth 135730).

The MegaLok fixture plates allow for rapid loading of parts and plates on any CMM or manufacturing system. The MegaLok fixture plates are produced from tooling plate-grade aluminum and are black hard coat anodized for durability. Metrology Works MegaLok CMM fixture plates also include a Metrology Works-specified XLF coating for reduced friction and increased abrasion resistance.

The Metrology Works Lightning rail system design includes a movable hard stop to create the most flexible docking system in the industry. The industry-first stainless steel rail offers more docking locations than currently available. MegaLok plates can easily and quickly be connected together using keystones. Keystones allow for quick magnetic attachment of two or more plates together. MegaLok plates are designed to be stacked multiple wide to fill the table and maximize coverage of a machine work surface. The keystone design will even allow a user to create L configurations or T configurations of plates from a single docking location.

Flexibility is the key in today’s rapidly changing manufacturing environment and the MegaLok plate and Lightning rail system delivers a quick and easy solution to accelerate part inspection and manufacturing. Users can easily and quickly stage parts while the CMM or laser marking machine is running. As soon as it stops, users can rapidly swap the plate and restart the machine. By using the MegaLok fixture plate rail system, downtime is eliminated saving valuable time and money.

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