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X-ray Inspection Software’s Offer Seamless Digital Workflows

For an optimal digital workflow in radiographic testing (RT), the X-ray inspection software D-Tect X can be integrated with the NDT management software DRIVE NDT. The closely meshed interaction between DRIVE NDT and D-Tect X means that a large part of the process takes place automatically. This not only saves time, but the automatic exchange of data also minimizes the possibility of human error. As all the steps and processes performed are digitally traceable, it additionally provides high levels of transparency.

Once an order is received by DRIVE NDT, the associated inspections can be scheduled. When an RT-D inspection is started in DRIVE NDT, the order data such as order number, customer and location, together with the inspection details such as the test object, measuring point and testing instructions, are retrieved by D-Tect X before the inspection begins. It is also possible to individually submit extra data that is relevant for a specific test report. This way, all the inspectors involved will have all the information they need to carry out the inspection. No doubts remain about who should test what, when, how and with what equipment.

After evaluation of the digital X-ray images in D-Tect X, all the inspection results can be automatically transferred to DRIVE NDT with one click. By linking the imported results with the order data, it is now possible to create a test report effortlessly, which can then be forwarded to the responsible Level 3 for approval.

For new users of D-Tect X it is now even easier for them to become familiar with DRIVE NDT. Each new license offers a test period of one year with DRIVE NDT Lite free of charge which means that users can convince themselves of its advantages without obligation. RT-F inspections can also be managed in DRIVE NDT, but all the benefits of automation can only be fully exploited with digital radiographic testing.

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