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New Game-Changing CT Inspection Demonstrator For EV Batteries Launched

Excillum and VCbattery have come together to launch a demonstrator for high-speed 3D CT inline inspection of EV battery cells. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to revolutionize the way defects are detected and root-caused, making EV batteries safer and production more cost-effective.

Groundbreaking System For 3D CT Inline Quality

The demonstrator system for battery inspection uses the MetalJet X-ray technology. The demonstrator, situated in Stockelsdorf, Germany, will be used to show and commercialize the next generation inline 3D CT inspection systems for electric vehicle (EV) battery production. Reaching new levels in terms of speed, performance, and cost effectiveness, this demonstrator will prove to battery cell manufacturers that high throughput can be achieved for inline battery inspection.

“Together with Excillum, we push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of X-ray inspection,” says Guido Erbach, VCbattery. “This demonstrator shows that with a full rotational CT scan of an EV battery cell in just one second, it’s possible to increase inspection throughput to tens of thousands of cells per inspection system per day.”

High-Throughput Inline Battery Inspection Now Possible

“A critical part in EV battery cell production is quality control. With our solution, EV battery cell manufacturers can not only significantly lower the cost per scan, but also collect more comprehensive quality control data. We are very excited to be able to demonstrate this to the industry,” says Emil Espes, Excillum.

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