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Vieworks Announce Lightweight and Portable Flat Panel Detectors

The global Flat Panel Detector (FPS) market is increasingly competing on convenience features alongside image quality. In addition to image quality, lightweight, usability, and durability are becoming increasingly important performance metrics for digital x-ray detectors (DRs) in the medical field, while industrial applications are increasingly focusing on portable x-ray detectors for outdoor usage. In response, Vieworks is strengthening its product lineup of optimized x-ray detectors with flexible TFT and portable technologies to lead the global market.

Vieworks’ VIVIX-S FW is a premium still image X-ray detector with flexible thin-film transistors as the surface material and a highly flexible polyimide film substrate instead of glass. This enables it to be more than 25% lighter than conventional detectors, while also enhancing its impact resistance to prevent the risk of breakage.

In addition, the ultra-small 99 micrometer pixel pitch maximizes image quality, and the wireless charging battery, that lasts up to 16 hours, and the OLED display that can check the status of the detector in real time enhance user convenience. The small size of the bezel makes it practical to acquire clinical images of large areas. The improved image quality, durability, and light weight maximize workflow efficiency.

In 2012, Vieworks pioneered the world’s first Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) technology for flat panel x-ray detectors. Previously, x-ray acquisition using analog equipment required unified signals between the x-ray generator and detector, but with the introduction of AED, existing analog equipment can be easily converted to digital.

In industrial applications, non-destructive testing (NDT) involves inspecting the interior of an object without disassembling or damaging it, and is an essential solution for modern industrial or construction sites. Portable x-ray detectors are gaining traction in the industrial non-destructive testing market due to their portability and ease of use in the field.

Vieworks is currently recognized as a world market leader in portable x-ray detectors for non-destructive testing. Its core competencies are image quality and durability. Its durability to withstand high voltage X-ray doses makes it easy to inspect dense materials, and its IP67 waterproof·dustproof rating allows it to operate in harsh environments such as industrial sites and military operations. It is optimized for explosive ordnance disposal, gas and oil pipeline joint corrosion, weld defects, and aircraft component inspection.

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