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EASY Line iPad Display Aids Manual CMM Measurement Tasks

Hand-guided measurements have consistently provided swift inspections and a high level of adaptability, especially for individual components and prototypes. The introduction of the EASY Line iPad application from Stiefelmayer has effectively addressed the traditional drawbacks of manual measurement using innovative digital capabilities.

EASY Line ensures seamless mobile visualization and user-friendly data management. The iPad can establish a wireless connection with any coordinate measuring machine within Bluetooth range, or it can function offline if needed. The iPad can be conveniently mounted on a stand or carried using a hand strap.

With EASY Line, the measurement readout is now conveniently within the operator’s reach. The wireless visualization on the iPad is fully mobile, ensuring accessibility wherever the user requires it.

Featuring a clear 3-axis display, EASY Line provides extended functionality, including reset and preset functions, shrink measure, individual model scales, flexible axis assignment, and the ability to change counting direction. Additional compensation functions, such as linear correction, tilt correction, and support positions, enhance the overall measurement experience.

The one-touch function of EASY Line enables users to seamlessly switch between different measuring machines, allowing a single application to be utilized for multiple machines. The data output formats MZ1060 and WPZ55 facilitate compatibility with the most commonly used inspection software solutions. Furthermore, two RS-232 interfaces enable a direct switch between EASY Line and inspection software.

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