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Verisurf Software Supports Latest Hexagon Laser Tracker

Verisurf Software has announced support for the new Hexagon, Leica AT500, and B-Probe plus Laser Tracker. Verisurf interfaces with Leica Laser Tracker Systems for data collection and 3D measurement workflows, including alignments, inspection, tool building, assembly, scanning, analysis, reporting, automation, and reverse engineering.

Verisurf Software is a leader in the development and support of metrology software solutions rooted in Model-Based Definition (MBD). At the heart of MBD is the intelligent CAD Model, the absolute authority to define a part or entire product by supplying a defined 3D data set, including all necessary GD&T annotations.

“Verisurf is a long-standing Hexagon/Leica partner developing model-based measurement solutions for virtually every model of Leica Laser Tracker for the last 25 years,” said Ernie Husted, President & CEO. “We value our partnership and look forward to supporting new product developments,” added Husted.

The Leica AT500 is portable, easy to set up and use, and flexible, making it a good match for the quality lab, shop floor, or in the field, with reflector measurements capable of up to 160 meters from the tracker. When paired with the wireless B-Probe plus, the AT500 can measure objects with an otherwise obstructed line of sight.

“The AT500’s enhanced measurement speed and increased pitch angle, combined with the working range of B-Probe plus make it a fantastic match for Verisurf’s industry-known ‘Build Mode’ to achieve real-time tolerance condition feedback,” says Nick Merrell, Executive Vice President of Verisurf. “Our latest Verisurf Device Interface (VDI) also includes a digital bubble level to support using the AT500 for ‘level and plumb’ operations.”

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