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Verisurf Software Performs Thickness Inspection With Ultrasonic Probe

Verisurf Software has announced support for the Renishaw RUP1 (REVO Ultrasonic Probe), providing an ultrasonic thickness probing solution to automate the measurement and reporting of thickness requirements.

Support for the RUP1 will be featured in the upcoming Verisurf 2024 release. Leveraging the powerful Dynamic Surface Points tool, Inspection Plans within Verisurf now incorporate ultrasonic thickness measurements. These measurements are stored and presented through a graphical balloon, providing recipients of the report with an easy-to-read thickness map associated with the inspected component. With the RUP1, thickness evaluation is possible for typical metal parts ranging from 1mm to 20mm in thickness, with an accuracy of .01mm on parallel surfaces and .100mm on wedged surfaces with an angle of up to 10 degrees.

Verisurf Software operates Renishaw-equipped CNC CMMs through the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI), facilitating seamless communication with a wide range of 3D measurement devices. The VDI empowers customers to select their preferred devices while offering a standardized solution that supports design, tolerancing, validation, machining, assembly, measurement, inspection planning, reporting, analysis, and reverse engineering.

“Verisurf has been a long-standing supporter of Renishaw-equipped CMMs and standalone Renishaw products, and our team remains dedicated to continually adding value through our software solutions, manufacturing expertise, and engineering experience. Verisurf solutions are renowned for their user-friendliness, stability, flexibility, and intelligent workflows, which enhance efficiency, quality, and throughput,” stated Nick Merrell, Executive Vice President of Verisurf Software.

Verisurf is the only measurement, reverse engineering, and inspection software built on a full-featured 3D CAD/CAM platform with intelligent Model-Based Definition (MBD). This ensures data integrity and enables users to perform metrology workflows in a seamless CAD environment while maintaining model-based digital continuity. Verisurf software is compatible with all CAD file formats, and the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI) communicates with all 3D measurement devices for universal compatibility. Verisurf’s modular design enables users to quickly shift from reverse engineering to inspection to tool building, efficiently capturing and processing measurement data for all 3D metrology applications with repeatable process control across the manufacturing enterprise.

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