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Verisurf Software Debuts New 2023 Release at CONTROL

Verisurf will be demonstrating Verisurf 2023 at Control. Verisurf 2023 continues to refine metrology workflows with added features designed to reduce time and improve the efficiency of automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning, reverse engineering, and tool building.

Verisurf software is built on a CAD platform and is committed to Model-Based Definition (MBD). Verisurf 2023 takes this a step further with automatic conversion of 3D CAD annotations into MBD and intelligent Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T). This new automatic feature will further reduce the time needed to set up inspection plans, reduce input errors, and increase process control.

“Working closely with our customers we balance the ongoing development of Verisurf software between enhanced productivity and repeatable process control; our focus on automation satisfies both,” said Nick Merrell, executive vice president of Verisurf.

In addition to showing the 2023 release and its many new features at Control, Verisurf will be showing various measurement, inspection, reverse engineering, and tool building applications.

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