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Upgraded Laser Scanning Microscope Software Enhances Precision and Workflow Efficiency

Evident has released updated software for the LEXT OLS5100 laser scanning microscope. Designed for today’s materials science and inspection professionals, the enhanced platform delivers exceptional accuracy and simplicity.

The OLS5100 microscope now features an evolved Smart Experiment Manager that saves time by automatically creating the experiment plan. The updated software adds new functionality that makes the Smart Experiment Manager more powerful and enables it to fit more easily into materials science and inspection workflows.

Uploading images to the Smart Experiment Manager is now even easier. Users simply drag and drop the images into the Smart Experiment Manager’s plan matrix. Users can also upload multiple files at the same and rename conditions on the fly during an experiment, facilitating easier trial and error.

Intuitive Tolerance Judgments and Easy Data Transfer

A new tolerance judgment feature enables users to set their tolerance boundaries and let the software color-code the results. This visual aid helps ensure rapid pass/fail decisions.

To reduce the chance of errors, images and measurement values are automatically added to the plan matrix by the software. This also enables smoother data transfers, including to platforms like Microsoft Excel.

Automate the Entire Experiment Workflow

Automation is key in modern labs, and the software’s macro function makes automation easier than ever. Creating and editing procedures is simple—load your samples, execute the macro, and let the software do the heavy lifting, helping ensure that data is promptly added to your experiment plan matrix.

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