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UnifyTwin Industry 5.0 Unifies Machine and Human Intelligence to Eliminate Digital Blind Spots

By leveraging state-of-the-art Industrial IoT (IIoT) technology, UnifyTwin has announced the availability of its iLens Assistant and iLens Machine. These products will improve worker safety, plant efficiency, and product quality while making production output more predictable and compliant.

UnifyTwin offers the first Industry 5.0 solution that unifies machine and human intelligence to eliminate digital blind spots for smarter manufacturing operations. UnifyTwin is headquartered in California, USA and is poised to deliver the connected-worker and connected-factory of the future.

Despite a 14% increase in industrial automation between 2020 and 2025, humans will still account for 53% of the work. In addition, it has been estimated that over $454 billion of manufacturing GDP will be at risk due to skills shortages. UnifyTwin is addressing these issues by being committed to delivering high quality information to workers on both the task and assets that they work on to create higher value operations outcomes.

iLens Assistant serves as a ‘digital friend’ for frontline workers by helping their managers collaborate more efficiently. iLens Machine enables these teams to seamlessly understand the working environment of machines and assets by collecting real-time machine edge-based data.

By merging additional data from IT and OT systems with these UnifyTwin solutions, customers have enriched and valuable contextual insights of their factories.

Using an automated and secure approach to deliver fully intelligent digital workflows, UnifyTwin helps their customers achieve ‘predictable productivity’.

UnifyTwin’s Founder & Managing Director, Sudheesh Narayanan commented, “We have been working with our customers in India and US on their Digital Transformation Journey and building manufacturing data lakes. Realizing value from Industrial IoT investments is by unifying human and machine intelligence. Our customers have realized ROI on their investments in less than 8 months. It is time for industries to move towards Industry 5.0 and benefit from these technology advancements.”

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