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Transforming Manufacturing Efficiency, Quality and Throughput Through Insights and Intelligence

GE Digital has announced Proficy Smart Factory, a manufacturing software suite spanning on-premise, cloud and mixed architecture software that bring the digital world together with the physical world to deliver holistic operations performance management for today’s connected enterprise. Improving manufacturers’ efficiency, quality and throughput, Proficy Smart Factory is a powerful operations management solution for process, discrete, and mixed manufacturing environments. It collects and analyzes data to manage highly automated fast-moving processes as well as slower moving, labor-intensive jobs. The suite automates and integrates information related to activities for managing production execution and optimizing performance, helping to balance the trade-offs between competing priorities of production operations.

Proficy Smart Factory includes a new set of cloud-based manufacturing solutions for OEE, production management, and quality management that can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 30% over five years. Cloud-based manufacturing solutions offer lower costs, reduced maintenance, and improved security.

With the on-premise solution currently installed at thousands of sites, GE Digital is now expanding its offering of solutions that are fully hosted in the cloud as a managed service, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX. This new offering provides companies with the robust technology to improve their operations along with the flexibility to deploy in a way that best suits their needs.

“Today we are witnessing a transformation of mission critical factory processes led by the need to collect, connect, and analyze plant data to keep operations running flexibly and efficiently. Manufacturers realize the advantage of using cloud as the fabric to establish a company-wide platform to analyze data coming from the shop floor allowing them to convert it into actionable information for enterprise decision makers,” said Lorenzo Veronesi, Associate Research Director, IDC Manufacturing Insights.

Based on more than 20 years of leadership in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with thousands of installations around the world, GE Digital combines long-term MES knowledge with the latest in cloud-based technology to meet customers’ outcomes. Proficy Smart Factory provides the tools to successfully transition to a digitally driven model allowing manufacturers to track data across plants, equipment, materials, and people; specify metrics to track production across all equipment; catch deviations to avoid wasted materials; predict overruns and shortfalls before they happen then reschedule orders based on material, equipment and personnel availability; and understand operations better with traceability across the entire scope of the production process.

The new suite includes accelerated cloud deployment with concierge services for setup and validation within four weeks, allowing users to quickly monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other key performance indicators (KPIs) with root cause analysis and identification of countermeasures.

“Proficy Smart Factory helps companies improve their operations in a lighter, smaller footprint that accelerates time to value and reduces costs,” said Richard Kenedi, General Manager of GE Digital’s Manufacturing Software business. “This new innovation continues our heritage of being a manufacturing solutions leader. It enhances our ability to provide a manufacturing solution for any company regardless of the size of their in-house staff, their budget, or the level of their digital transformation maturity. Cloud-based manufacturing solutions make operational excellence and IoT-fueled digital transformation accessible for all.”

The Proficy Smart Factory suite provides a wide-range of digital manufacturing capabilities: efficiency management, quality management, production management (non serialized and serialized), batch and process analysis, production scheduling, digital operations (centralized, remote, and mobile), hybrid cloud industrial data management, industrial advanced analytics, and interactive work process management.

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