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Tolerance Simulation Software Includes Effects of Thermal Expansion

Sigmetrix, experts in mechanical variation management, has announced their latest version of CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software, version 11.3. CETOL 6σ is a powerful tolerance analysis software and was specifically developed to promote manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Designers and engineers use CETOL 6σ to view the impact that tolerance changes will have on their overall assembly. The cutting-edge technology enables product development teams to optimize their design and manufacturing goals so they can deliver higher quality and more precisely engineered products.

Tolerance analysis benefits businesses in many ways. It allows companies to gain confidence in their product and process decisions before making costly investments. It can also help improve profitability by balancing quality with manufacturing cost. Companies can also realize a faster time to market by reducing the need for additional design and prototype cycles. 

This new version of CETOL 6σ builds upon the powerful features already in place and adds a great deal of usability and modernization. New features of CETOL 6σ include thermal expansion whereby assembly state properties include a Thermal tab where users can indicate the temperature at which to evaluate the assembly.

Floating joint improvements have been added whereby a single constraint representing float and improved presentation of the float constraint properties shows the joint reference features and their tolerance properties. More accurate worst-case analysis for floating joints (i.e., circular, rather than square, worst-case zone for float between a pin and a hole) are also included with separate contributions for float are shown for feature variation and joint clearance.

“This latest version of CETOL 6σ is another tremendous advancement in the overall user experience with its ability to take into account the effects of thermal expansion,” said Sigmetrix President and CEO, James Stoddard. “We strive to improve each release of CETOL 6σ with features and functionality to add functionality that our customers need to design better products through mechanical variation management.”

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