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Strategic Partnership To Facilitate Additive Manufacturing Adoption

Oqton, a software provider helping manufacturers increase innovation and efficiency by intelligently automating production, has announced it has entered a partnership with CASTOR, the creator of an automated software product that helps companies identify opportunities for additive manufacturing (AM).

Bringing together the capabilities of these companies and their products provides manufacturers with a complete end-to-end solution for additive manufacturing — addressing the challenges faced by many when adopting and implementing the technology. The integration of CASTOR’s software with Oqton’s Manufacturing OS offers a seamless solution for manufacturing contractors and organizations to evaluate and analyze the business case and technical feasibility of using additive for manufacturing. An automatic, AI-driven system like this enables profitable growth for on-demand production.

CASTOR’s software can analyze thousands of parts and assemblies simultaneously thus automating a previously time-consuming process. It can select the parts that would benefit from AM (as opposed to traditional manufacturing methods) and recommend the best materials and 3D printing technology, perform geometry analyses, and identify opportunities for weight reduction, and part consolidation. Manufacturers that use CASTOR’s software not only have the opportunity to accelerate time to final part but can also reduce mechanical component costs. For example, some CASTOR users reported that they were able to reduce the lead time for a metal additively manufactured part by more than 80% (from eight weeks to nine days) and decrease the cost by 50%.

Oqton’s Manufacturing OS provides manufacturers with a unified user experience that deploys artificial intelligence across end-to-end engineering and production workflows for significant process efficiency gains. The company’s end-to-end additive manufacturing workflow and complete MES capabilities provide manufacturers with a comprehensive solution for streamlined production processes and complete traceability and visibility from order to delivery.

By integrating their respective software platforms, Oqton and CASTOR have created an end-to-end solution that covers the entire additive manufacturing workflow — from identifying suitable parts to design and printing. The integrated software platforms offer comprehensive cost and lead time estimates and insights into the carbon emissions for each part, enabling manufacturers to make informed decisions and minimize environmental impact. The result is a more efficient and faster identification, preparation, and printing of high-quality parts, which can help manufacturers gain a competitive edge in the industry.

“We’re excited to expand our trusted partner network with CASTOR,” said Roy Sterenthal, vice president, industrial additive, Oqton. “Their forward-thinking engineering expertise has enabled the creation of an automated software tool that is helping break down barriers for manufacturers to more easily adopt additive manufacturing as part of their production workflow. When CASTOR is combined with Oqton’s Manufacturing OS, we are bringing together two leading manufacturing automation solutions that will help our customers accelerate their time to market.”

“We’re excited to partner with Oqton to provide a complete end-to-end solution for additive manufacturing,” said Omer Blaier, CEO of CASTOR. “Together, our solution enables companies to scale their 3D printing operations allowing them to automatically identify new business cases and drive profitable growth.”

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