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Selective Scans Now Possible With Scoobe3D

Scoobe 3D has announced what it describes as a huge product improvement to its product with the addition of selective 3D scans.

Selective scanning means that users can scan selected parts of an object instead of executing a full 360° scan. Users of the Scoobe3D Precision are now able to complete their scanning process faster than in the past. Depending on the size of the part of the object users can
plan to digitize with just a few scan positions which are sufficient to get customers to their desired 3D model.

With the new update to version 5.2.0, a new button for the partial scan appears in the upper left corner after some positions have been scanned to complete the 3D scan. In addition to this product improvement, the onboarding process has been overhauled in the latest version.

Scoobe3D is a technology company that creates handheld wireless 3D scanners helping industrial manufacturers maximize production efficiencies and cost savings in smart, industry 4.0 factories worldwide.

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