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Scan Dimension Launched PRO Budget 3D Scanner

Scan Dimension has released its latest 3D scanner SOL PRO which integrates seamlessly into any 3D workflow. The precision and ease-of-use make it the perfect 3D scanning partner for quality assurance, product inspection and prototyping while also making an deal addition to 3D printing tasks.

Three Scanning Modes

Beside the Normal scanning mode, users can choose to focus on accuracy or speed. Selection of the High accuracy scanning mode scans with an accuracy as high as 0.05 mm. Scanning speed can be double the speed with the Turbo scanning mode.

The SOL PRO software includes smart options for scanning dark surfaces and unsteady objects. The SOL PRO is able to scan objects measuring of 20 – 170 mm in height and diameter and offers automated calibration and meshing.

The SOL PRO has a scan time of 15 minutes and a turbo time of 8 minutes depending on part intricacy.

The Scan Dimension SOL Pro 3D scanner package includes, turntable, scanner stand, USB 3.0 cable, interface cable, blackout tent, and a cylindrical target for high accuracy profiling together with access to SOL PRO Creator and SOL PRO Viewer software.

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