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Reverse Engineering Software Adds New Functionality

DREAMTNS has announced that its PointShape™ Design software is being developed faster and faster due to practical feedback received from end users. PointShape Design users are now able to use the 3D Helix feature which enables modeling items such as helical screws and gears with ease. The latest 1.3.4 version has additional new features including Draft Command, Fillet: Face-Face, and Cover Edges as well as overall improvements regarding user friendliness and anomaly fixes.

Draft Command

PointShape Design utilises Convergence Geometric Modeler, the same powerful modeling kernel used by CATIA. To meet visualization needs, the software incorporates ‘HOOPS Visualize’ the best in class graphics engine’. PointShape Design can easily create parametric CAD models of practical real-world products and provide users with a familiar design process and user interface.

Additional new features include:

3D Constant Helix: The 3D Constant Helix function can create a smooth helical curve, between the specified start and end points along an axis. The end user simply needs to create a 2D sketch region and specify desired points on the mesh in the 3D mode.

Fillet – Face to Face

Draft Command: Draft Feature enables end users to taper faces solid and surface bodies. Also, its additional functions allow users to specify parts of angles and flipping sides.

Fillet: Face-Face: Fillet: Face-Face is useful when it comes to filleting two non-adjacent faces of an object. By applying Face-Face Fillet, users can also enable Curvature Continuous to create a smoother fillet compared to the standard fillet.

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