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Residual Magnetism Meter Aids Effective Measurement Procedures

Residual magnetism can adversely affect measuring, testing, and production processes, often going unnoticed as a root cause. This magnetic influence can detrimentally impact testing procedures, manufacturing processes, and the overall quality, functionality, and lifespan of products.

The Vallon VFM2 field strength meter offers a precise solution to analyze and address the disruptive factor of residual magnetism, ensuring magnetic neutrality through degaussing. Specifically designed for industrial and production settings, the VFM2 field strength meter accurately measures static magnetic field strength and flux density on the surfaces of ferromagnetic components.

To pinpoint residual magnetism reliably, users can individually set alarm limit values for each of the five switchable measuring units. Once reached, these limits trigger both audible and visual alerts. The device’s automatic peak memory function facilitates swift inspection of larger surface areas.

Equipped with an integrated Bluetooth data interface and the optional VFM2 STATISTICS evaluation software, the meter allows for single and series measurements, streamlining the statistical analysis of measured values. Alternatively, users can transmit the data directly to their customer’s quality data acquisition system for seamless integration. The individual measured values can be supplemented with project data and comments as well as images for clear documentation. Measurement reports can be generated from one or more measurement series, exported in CSV file format, printed out or digitally processed as required.

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