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PIXARGUS American Market Touchdown

High-performing, user-friendly and easy to integrate into the production line – these are features of PIXARGUS systems.

The highly compact multi-talent AllRounDia DualVision checks both the surface and diameter of tubing and hoses with a single sensor. With minimum setup effort, the system is ready for use in virtually no time. iProfilControl is a downsized series designed for complete 360° inspection of profiles of up to 250 mm. ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube checks the surfaces of corrugated tubes, detecting flaws in the tiniest corner. ProfilControl 7 DX WoodPlasticComposites (WPC) provides high-precision dimension measurement and reliable surface inspection of decking boards made of wood-plastic composites. All these inline systems have proven themselves effective on a wide range of standard applications and are ready to start with only minimum set-up effort in any production environment.

With its turnkey inline surface inspection and dimension measuring systems, Germany-based PIXARGUS is a leading supplier and innovation driver in automated quality control. Compact in design, the systems are in use 24/7 checking product quality in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, construction & engineering, health care products and consumer goods.

iProfilControl: Smart Profile Inspection

The downsized iProfilControl (iPC) series comes with proven inspection technology smartly integrated into cost-optimized entry-level systems. In these systems, PIXARGUS has adapted the capacity, range of functions and hardware to the specific inspection requirements of the process to achieve maximum efficiency with minimized equipment.

Introductory models equipped with four cameras can be scaled up to six or eight cameras for any future process requirement. Depending on what the customer wishes, the models are designed for 360° dimension measurement or 100 % surface inspection – or, as a combination of both functions, available as an All-in-One solution. Both the software and the sensor unit of the system are based on the successful ProfilControl 7 measuring technology from PIXARGUS. The iPC series comes with an impressive measurement repeatability of 0.01% of the field of vision (FOV) in comparison with competitor systems. The system indicates the smallest irregularities – even before the reject tolerance limit is reached. This allows the production process to be optimally controlled.

iProfilControl is available for FOV diameters of 90, 170 and 250 mm as standard. The 250-mm system is suitable, in particular, for large profiles, and for multiple-extrusion lines. Profiles produced in double-strand extrusion lines can be inspected with the specifically developed software capable of capturing both surface and geometrical defects around the entire circumference of the profiles. The compact iPC desk-top devices come with an integrated computing unit. They can be operated via touchscreen, tablet, notebook or PC.

AllRounDia DualVision: For Complete 360° Inspection

The compact two-in-one system, AllRounDia DualVision (DV), inspects both the surface and contour of tubes and hoses around their entire circumference with meticulous precision – with just one sensor unit. The PIXARGUS system employs “true” LED lighting instead of laser light as found in conventional systems. A newly developed lighting concept ensures that the field of vision and the measuring field are always perfectly lit. Thus, even difficult to detect irregularities and flaws in the material, such as cracks, inclusions, raised spots, and other high-contrast defects from a size of 0.5 mm, are reliably detected. AllRounDia DV far outshines conventional lump detection systems. The inline system inspects matte, glossy and even black surfaces of round products with ease, just as well as the surfaces of translucent and semi-transparent tubing.

The system is pre-configured for standard applications. Thus, it is ready for use virtually without any adjustment effort. Its functionality is straightforward and inspection straight to the point. The system comes with a clearly structured, intuitive HMI. It can be operated either directly with the system’s 10-inch touch screen or using a mobile tablet PC.

AllRounDia DV is currently available for round products of up to 40 mm dia. There will soon be systems for extended diameter ranges of up to 63 mm and 110 mm.

ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube: Surface Inspection of Corrugated Tubes

What used to be the most difficult terrain for quality inspection is no longer a problem for PIXARGUS: With ProfilControl7 Corrugated Tube it is now possible to inspect the entire surface structure of corrugated tubes – not only the peaks and valleys, but also the transition areas in between – with high precision. ProfilControl 7 CorrugatedTube is designed for the inspection of up to 30-mm-diameter corrugated and spiral tubes.

The specially developed, innovative measuring head features eight high-performance cameras that capture the entire surface structure typical of corrugated tubing from different angles. The inspection algorithms employed automatically recognize and differentiate between plain and corrugated tube sections, thus ensuring that defects such as holes, dents, blisters, lumps, scratches and cracks are reliably detected in all areas of the products. But the software can do even more than that: In addition to their characteristic corrugations, corrugated tubing may consist of periodically recurring sections with features that require special attention. For this purpose, the software includes a dedicated algorithm that, in addition to recognizing where such extraordinary tube sections start and end, automatically adapts the inspection parameters accordingly. This facilitates and accelerates handling at the production line, in particular in case of highly diversified product mixes.

All of the above systems will be exhibited at NPE 2024 in Orlando, Florida, a key event for the global plastics industry 6 – 12 May 2024.

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