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Reishauer & Mahr Partner to Generate Gear Grinding and Measurement as Closed-Loop Process

Reishauer AG and Mahr GmbH have entered into a close partnership whereby the two companies will network their machines for generating grinding and gear measurement using a closed-loop process.

The two market and technology leaders are cooperating to combine the best of two worlds: on the one hand, the extreme accuracy with which the machines of the Reishauer 4.0 generation can grind gears in series production; on the other hand, the flexible and reliable gear and form measuring technology with the MarGear GMX 400 W from Mahr. The partnership is stated to set new standards in gear production and offer a particularly flexible and complete solution.

Customers Benefit From Networking

“Customers will experience a new dimension in the networked production of gears with the highest precision and productivity and will benefit significantly from it,” says Manuel Hüsken, CEO of Mahr. Because both processes, production and measurement, ​​already hold considerable potential for added value if the corresponding machines now also permanently exchange data via a network, the new overall process becomes even faster, more efficient and more precise and thus delivers Industry 4.0 possibilities for both companies.

At the AMB International Exhibition for Metal Working (September 13th to 17th) in Stuttgart, Reishauer and Mahr will present the solution to the specialist audience for the first time. The two partners plan to be able to show reliable measured values ​​from January 2023.

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