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Production Multisensor CMM Inspection On The Production Floor

Rapid part changes, raw material bottlenecks and labor shortages continue to drive demand for multisensor inspection machines with the option to automate. AIMS Metrology will demonstrate its full range of turnkey 5-axis coordinate measuring machines at Booth #135536 at the upcoming IMTS exhibition.

The AIMS Summit 10.10.10, represents the OEM’s newest CMM, the development of which was prompted by customer requests for large production-floor inspection capacity, enhanced with Renishaw’s REVO-2’s latest sensors such as RVP vision and SFP2 for surface measurements. Suitable for a range of industries such as automotive and aerospace, the CMM can be automated with a robot load/unload system or a conveyor.

Summit 10.10.10 is a shop floor CMM designed specifically to measure large, heavy, or cumbersome workpieces. It has an extra-large capacity: 1,000 mm in X, Y, and Z axes for a total of one cubic meter of measurement space and a 2,200 kg weight limit. Unlike AIMS smaller, mobile shop floor CMM, the Revolution HB, Summit is stationary model.

To stand up to the shop floor environment Summit features a polymer cast base, reinforced Z-axis, and materials that are thermally- and vibrationally-stable. As part of its space-saving design, Summit requires no shop air for operation. All that’s needed is a standard 110/220-volt outlet, making it easy to integrate into the floorplan and workflow. It’s especially useful for situations requiring a high percentage of part inspection during production because the CMM is right at the point of need.

With lead times for new and leased equipment continuing to grow, AIMS’ proactive business model supports job shops and manufacturers on another front. “We maintain a stock of parts to assemble machines,” Mark Gearding Vice President at AIMS states. “In addition to custom orders, we build machines without purchase orders to help counter the parts shortage and supply delays.” 

AIMS tailors its CMMs to customers’ software requirements with MODUS, Verisurf or CMM Manager. “We’re a single source provider that builds and assembles our CMMs in the U.S.,” says Gearing. “We have an in-house service group and application team that allows us to customize the CMM to a job shop or fabricator’s needs which includes programming, custom holding fixtures, tooling, automation, service and support.”

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