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Partnership To Make AM More Accessible To Manufacturers and Help Drive Adoption of Production Applications

Oqton, a software provider helping manufacturers increase innovation and efficiency by intelligently automating production, has announced it has entered a partnership with Xact Metal, a solution provider focused on enabling manufacturers to experience the benefits of high-quality 3D metal printing at the best price possible. Through this partnership, Oqton and Xact Metal are integrating their additive manufacturing (AM) solutions to deliver automation and full process control at an affordable price. This will empower a breadth of users — from entry-level engineers to skilled experts — to realize the benefits of metal AM for R&D and production applications in a variety of industries.

Manufacturers in industrial and healthcare markets require a scalable combination of additive manufacturing software and hardware to meet their unique business requirements and help them maintain a competitive advantage. Oqton’s partnership with Xact Metal brings together Oqton’s Manufacturing OS and 3DXpert, and Xact Metal’s portfolio of metal 3D printing technologies to create bespoke solutions for each customer’s intended use case — making them easy to adopt and implement. Benefits of each include:

Oqton Manufacturing OS: Provides a unified user experience that deploys artificial intelligence across manufacturers’ end-to-end engineering and production workflows for significant process efficiency gains. For example, dental laboratories using Manufacturing OS have been able to achieve up to 90% faster data preparation time with the software’s smart automation.

3DXpert: The leading all-in-one additive manufacturing software that streamlines the workflow by preparing, optimizing, and 3D printing high-quality parts in record time. 3DXpert enables up to 75% faster file preparation because of its superior DfAM and build prep functions which are built on an industrial CAD engine.

Xact Metal Solutions: Includes a range of metal AM products to create solutions from entry-level to large-scale at affordable prices. On average, Xact Metal solutions are one-third of the price of other available printers with similar build volumes and capabilities. Each solution is built on a similar architecture which allows customers to scale their solutions as demand increases.

As a result of this partnership, Xact Metal customers can address more applications using the in-depth features and built-in automation of Oqton’s 3DXpert and Manufacturing OS. Through the expansion of Oqton’s ecosystem on a new printing platform, the company’s customers are able to more easily adopt metal AM through a solution that meets their unique manufacturing requirements.

“The partnership we’re announcing today with Xact Metal will enable a broader range of manufacturers to embrace AM to accelerate their innovation,” said Roy Sterenthal, vice president, industrial additive, Oqton. “Our integrated solutions are bringing together the latest in AI and metal additive manufacturing to deliver a complete, cloud-accessible, automated workflow. This allows us to deliver solutions for a variety of users and manufacturers from small industrial manufacturers to dental laboratories with high-volume, AI-driven production automation.”

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Oqton,” said Juan Mario Gomez, CEO of Xact Metal. “Expanding our software options with Oqton’s solutions is the next step in our journey to expand access to metal 3D printing technology. Existing users of 3DXpert and Manufacturing OS no longer are required to learn new software to begin printing on Xact Metal printers. Oqton’s 3DXpert brings high-performing printing capabilities to our customers while Oqton’s dental software provides AI-driven proven solutions resulting in an easy-to-use workflow in dental applications.”

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