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Digitize Designs Launch Automated Mobile 3D Scanning Inspection Workstation

Digitize Designs, a provider of 3D scanning solutions in the US, has announced its new 3D scanning solution, the RM-300 Automated Inspection Mobile Workstation. As factories continue to embrace automation for improved efficiency, the RM-300 brings affordable and even portable automation that integrates seamlessly with the assembly line.

The RM-300 simplifies manufacturing, making metrology and part inspection more accessible. It eliminates common errors and redundancies, increasing throughput and enabling users of all skill levels to measure parts confidently for quality control.

The Automated Mobile Workstation is designed with precision and built for peak performance, utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software.

The RM-300 is built on a rolling cart platform with a compact, space-saving design, bringing practically plug-and-play automation to part inspection and quality control. With technical specifications including 20-micron accuracy, no need for powder on dark or shiny surfaces, 2 million points/second, automatic inspections, and customizable scan paths.

Digitize Designs designed and exclusively offers the RM-300, built on the Vention platform, using Scantech Simscan for 3D scanning sensor, Universal Robot’s URE3 for robotics, a custom-built PC, Touchscreen Monitor, Nexos’ software for robotics and 3D scanning, and Polyworks Inspector software for automated inspections.

Bo Helmrich, Founder and CEO of Digitize Designs, states, “The RM-300 finally makes automated inspections affordable, and we’re excited to help make automation continue its ascent as go-to technology in metrology labs across the US.”

The RM-300 is an advanced solution made possible through unparalleled industry partnerships representing an affordable solution delivering value to the automotive and aerospace industries.

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