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Partnership to Deliver PLM-Integrated Advanced Visualization Solutions for Manufacturers

Canvas GFX, a leading provider of interactive digital work instructions solutions, and Razorleaf, a global systems integrator and consulting services provider specializing in PLM, have announced a partnership to bring advanced, PLM-integrated digital work instructions and 3D visualization to manufacturing organizations.

The partnership launches a development plan that begins with an integration between the Canvas Envision digital work instruction solution and the Aras Innovator PLM platform. Through this integration manufacturers will have instant access to easily customizable instructional content based on current PLM product data to front line shop floor and MRO teams.

Integrations powered by Razorleaf’s CLOVER data integration platform, coupled with Razorleaf’s deep PLM expertise ensures critical PLM data is connected and flowing into Canvas GFX’ leading visualization and interactive content platform. This will enable customers to align operations closely with rapidly evolving design engineering data.

By extending the digital thread directly to the wider operational workforce, the partnership enables manufacturers to embrace the next phase of digital transformation: the rapid visualization and interactive consumption of current design data to drive faster execution of critical tasks while minimizing errors and waste.

Eric Doubell, CEO at Razorleaf commented: “Partnering with Canvas GFX opens the door for a sustained, technical relationship enabling manufacturers to transform training and instructional experiences using advanced visualization and interactive content. This content leverages critical engineering data managed within PLM to support the creation and usage of instructional and interactive content on the shop floor.  Connectivity powered by our CLOVER data integration platform allows Canvas Envision to be integrated within existing development and manufacturing workflows, ensuring that data is always current, learning always accurate, and rapid transfer of essential tribal knowledge guaranteed.”

“How manufacturers train and guide the new manufacturing workforce to operate effectively is critical to success,” commented Patricia Hume, CEO of Canvas GFX. “This cannot happen in isolation from rapidly evolving product data, and that requires that the creation and consumption of instructional content which is directly linked to the PLM as the source of product truth. We are delighted to partner with the experts at Razorleaf to make this happen, and thrilled that an integration with Aras Innovator is how we are marking the launch of this new relationship.”

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