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Partnership to Accelerate Advanced Manufacturing in Australia

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and Monash University in Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help local researchers and manufacturers drive productivity by building data-driven intelligence into their operations with advanced manufacturing solutions.

The aim is to establish and develop a seamless combination of physical manufacturing and digital engineering processes. The cooperation will focus on innovation initiatives that demonstrate how accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing solutions in Australia and better serve Hexagon’s customer base in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands in their digital transformation projects.

Hexagon will showcase its technologies in the Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub at Monash University, offering visitors hands-on demonstrations of its products and solutions, covering design for manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), digital twin, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and production planning, machine tool measurement and optimisation, asset management, robotic calibration, and autonomous inspection using laser trackers and portable measuring arms.

The Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub (MSMH) is a complete innovation centre that provides start-ups and established manufacturing businesses with a collaborative environment for idea testing, development and end-to-end automation to address business challenges and enhance productivity. The MSMH provides a unique opportunity for businesses to partner with Monash University and access state of the art facilities, world class academics and Australia’s brightest STEM students. The Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub is part of the Monash Technology Precinct, the largest employment hub outside Melbourne’s CBD contributing 95,000 jobs and $9.4 billion to the Victorian economy each year.

The partnership includes the development of an industrial innovation centre for research and development that provides a platform to demonstrate smart manufacturing capabilities, including advanced manufacturing in academic programs with visits from Hexagon subject matter experts to support the knowledge transfer. This facility is opened to industry and will enable companies to develop the skills of their employees, access student talent in digitisation of manufacturing processes and potentially the use of the Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub as their R&D centre.

“Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities and ranks among the world’s top 100.  We share a common vision in exploring deep advanced manufacturing techniques and know-how, and we are proud to build an Australian hub for technology, innovation and drive scientific excellence and accelerate smart manufacturing adoption”, says Terrence Lim, Managing Director, ASEAN and Pacific, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.

“The partnership between Hexagon and Monash will transform the technology base on offer to businesses collaborating with the Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub. We’re delighted to be working with Hexagon to support local manufacturers to achieve their business goals and enhance manufacturing technology in Australia” said Professor Chris Davies, Interim Dean of Engineering at Monash University.

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