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Action Engineering Releases Remastered Model-Based Enterprise Dictionary

Action Engineering has announces the upgraded release of its free Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Dictionary.

The MBE Dictionary is a comprehensive resource that includes 470+ terms and definitions, as well as 30+ industry standards and influential organizations. The dictionary has been reviewed, remastered, and refreshed in 2022. Calming the terminology chaos in Digital Manufacturing Transformations.

Jennifer Herron, CEO and Founder of Action Engineering started collecting terms and definitions in 2008 as part of her organizational process and subsequently created a rich database that evolved into the MBE Dictionary.

Since 2010 Action Engineering, LLC has offered a free database of terms, definitions, and citations to help support the understanding of Model-Based Definition (MBD) and the manufacturing community. The MBE Dictionary can be used by anyone who is or will be involved in the 3D data transition. “From CEO to Engineering, it’s a discrete way to get up to speed so anyone can track and contribute to conversations. When implementation teams and stakeholders have a shared understanding of terminology, they can have the conversations that lead to successful digital transformations.” The dictionary Integrates with Action Engineering’s OSCAR Online Training platform to seamlessly navigate terms during instruction.

Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Dictionary Highlights

·    470+ Terms & Definitions

·    30+ Cited Industry Standards and Influential Organizations

·    70 definitions of the most common terms for 3D Digital Transformation

·    QIF, ASME Y14.5, Y14.41, Y14.47 and ISO 10303 terms included

·    Includes MBE, Digital Twin, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Thread, MBSE terms

·    Includes Y14.5: Datum, Datum Feature Symbol, Limits of Size, Least Material Boundary terms

·    Includes important topics from DAU

·    Honeywell Kansas City Plant MBE Maturity Index

Click to access the MBE Dictionary