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Partnership Delivers Vision Solutions for Automated Inspection and Measurement Tasks

Axiomtek, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and reliable high performance industrial computer products, has announced its partnership with SICK, one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial sensor-based application solutions. The partnership between Axiomtek and SICK allows manufacturers and system integrators to optimize the automatic monitoring of production processes, thereby increasing production yields, reducing defect rates and providing consistently high-quality products.

The machine vision camera is an important element in the industrial image processing chain. The integration of Axiomtek’s ultra-slim vision controller MVS100-323-FL or high-precision vision system MVS900-511-FL with SICK’s midiCam 2D cameras delivers vision solutions for automated inspection and measurement tasks. This combination provides a high degree of flexibility, customizability, and efficiency to meet the needs of users at all levels.

“SICK is one of the leading solution providers in machine vision, developed with the help of an agile approach. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up a whole new era for SICK,” said Edward Tsai, product manager at SICK. “SICK and Axiomtek now join together to launch 2D Imaging analytics for complex machine vision tasks by leveraging Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Conditions such as distorted OCR or unpredictable defects can be easily detected. We believe that what we see in technology today is what will be routine tomorrow.”

“To improve manufacturing quality and yields, all components, sub-assemblies and products must undergo a thorough inspection,” said Wayne Chung, the product manager of the AIoT Division at Axiomtek. “The combination of the Axiomtek MVS100-323-FL and MVS900-511-FL systems with SICK’s midiCam is an excellent solution for the automotive, robotics, logistics, electronics, solar, and food and beverage industries. Our product is made for machine vision applications and, with SICK’s midiCam 2D camera family, the solution will help make any project easier to deploy. Our MVS systems are rich in features and highly reliable while the SICK camera offers high-resolution levels and fast data transfers.”

Axiomtek offers comprehensive machine vision systems, frame grabber cards, and industrial cameras to streamline the deployment of machine vision applications. Axiomtek is a Titanium member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

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