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OptoInspect3D Provides Automatic Inline Point Cloud Evaluation

With OptoInspect3D Inline the large 3D data sets generated by optical measuring systems can be compared with optimal reference geometries in a fast and automated way such the validation of each part can be performed inline.. Since the different functions are provided as a library, they can be integrated flexibly into hardware and software systems for automated measurements and the production control of products and component parts.

OptoInspect3D Inline features include:

– Simple and flexible integration
– Certified accuracy
– Robust and efficient methods for
– Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing analysis (GD&T)
– Best fit, Alignment (Registration)
– Filtering, Smoothing, Elimination of outliers
– Segmentation
– Comparison nominal/actual (CAD, point cloud)
– Approximation via geometric primitives (3D, 2D)

Independent of the digitalization method or device including structured light 3D scanners, light section or laser scans, 3D point clouds can be analyzed and the geometry validated. The methods from the C++ library can be easily accessed via a C API and integrated into customized applications and workflows.

OptoInspect3D Inline can be used on the different platforms including Windows, Linux with Intel or ARM CPUs and, as a result, supports smart sensor applications.

At the CONTROL 2022 exhibition the product will be exhibited at the Fraunhofer Alliance ‘Vision’ Special Show ‘Contactless Measuring Technology’.

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