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OmniSurf3D Adds Surface Texture Analysis To Hexagon CMMs

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence CMMs already provide world-leading geometrical measurements and analyses. However, their new HP-OW and HP-O optical sensors, coupled with unique customer requirements, created the need for more specialized 3D surface analysis.

The chosen solution was to integrate Digital Metrology’s OmniSurf3D software into the workflow of Hexagon’s QUINDOS software. QUINDOS remotely and transparently executes OmniSurf3D to process the surface data and calculate the texture parameters. The OmniSurf3D parameters and graphics are automatically returned to QUINDOS, which outputs all geometrical and texture results in a single report.

The result is a seamless integration of advanced surface texture from within a standard CMM program.

The HP-OW sensor uses chromatic white-light spectroscopy to take highly accurate measurements on varied surface finishes across a wide array of applications. The sensor has a measurement range of several millimetres while achieving a resolution in the nanometric range. In combination with a large acceptance angle of up to ±30°, it provides very versatile measurement possibilities, making it ideally suited to measure anything from small features to large surfaces. HP-OW probes are available in three variations, making it possible to adapt to different measurement ranges, working distances and other metrology requirements.

The advanced HP-O sensor solution is a scanning technology for coordinate measuring machines and is based on frequency-modulated interferometric optical distance measurement. The HP-O optical sensor range sets new standards for optical measurements on coordinate measuring machines offering unprecedented benefits combining precision, measurement flexibility and throughput.

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