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November 2022 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

The average new car today has between seventy to one hundred sensors monitoring various aspects of vehicle performance, scheduled maintenance and reporting faults as they arise. Many car engines have between fifteen and thirty sensors tracking various engine functions.

Sensors are increasingly being used in manufacturing industries to monitor the performance of processes and critical aspects of machine operations, collecting data to determine normal baseline levels of operations, while also detecting performance fluctuations that are critical to effective process control. Sensors enable a connected operation possible delivering real-time diagnostic data that enable deep-insights from advanced analytics, much of which is being processed today by cloud based engines, ensuring manufacturers have access to all equipment performance data with minimum latency.

Sensors will play an ever increasing role in smart manufacturing and factories of the future. However, sensors alone are not the complete solution as they require technical resources to collect, standardize, and visualize data. Sensors, along with the appropriate IoT Platform, help to ensure accurate, reliable data capture across the shop floor.

Smart sensors are enabling much of the data processing to be performed inside the sensor, minimizing latency and ensuring real-time adaptive control. Edge computing has established itself as a solution to further reduce data latency for data processing from ‘dumb’ sensors or the more complex data processing applications. New research into embedded artificial intelligence (edge AI) is set to enable the processing of data and AI smart algorithms directly on devices.

With data becoming increasingly important in monitoring and controlling not just manufacturing operations, but most aspects of our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that mass data storage is increasing exponentially and the need has arisen for new and additional definitions of gargantuan data storage. This month the International Bureau of Weights and Measures approved use of the ronna (symbol R) for 1027 and the quetta (symbol Q) for 1030 defining these increasingly gargantuan sizes of stored data.

This month’s editorial focus was sensors –“there’s a sensor for that” – and featured articles on many of the new sensors that have recently entered the market along with several application stories. We also featured the Industrial Metaverse, predicted to be the next big thing for manufacturing, where the digital world and the real world become increasingly mixed. This development is leading to a new generation of internet in which the Metaverse is making the digital world more real and reality more digital.

Featured articles this month included: “The Industrial Metaverse – The Next Big Thing For Manufacturing?”; “Industrial Metaverse Democratizes Manufacturing Data at Mercedes-Benz”; “Potential of Industrial Metaverse to Accelerate Next-Gen IoT Infrastructures”; “An Inside Look at Drivers for Industry 4.0” andSmart Sensors For The Smart Factory”.

The magazine below highlights a selection of our November published stories; the complete library of November articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with guest articles – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing EditorThe Industrial Metaverse – The Next Big Thing For Manufacturing?

The digital world and the real world are becoming increasingly mixed. This development is leading to a new generation of the Internet in which the Metaverse is making the digital world more real and reality more digital. The Metaverse is based on real-time 3D content. Virtual and Augmented Reality allow … read more

Industrial Metaverse Democratizes Manufacturing Data at Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft Corp. collaborate to make vehicle production more efficient, resilient and sustainable. With the new MO360 Data Platform, Mercedes-Benz is connecting its 30 passenger car plants worldwide to the Microsoft Cloud, enhancing transparency and predictability across its digital production … read more

Potential of Industrial Metaverse to Accelerate Next-Gen IoT Infrastructures

Molex, a global electronics leader and connectivity innovator, today released a new report that examines the emerging world of the industrial metaverse and its impact on next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures. To help companies prepare for what lies ahead, ‘Unleashing the Power of the Industrial Metaverse’ offers  … read more

Manufacturing KPIs and Metrics Factory Managers Shouldn’t Ignore 

In order to increase profitability, manufacturers aim to improve plant operations every day. How can you tell if you are improving or not? To understand precisely how your operation is performing, you have to measure it — with the help of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Fortunately, the manufacturing process lends itself … read more

An Inside Look at Drivers for Industry 4.0

Companies understand the promise of Industry 4.0: faster, smarter, more sustainable productivity. What’s hard is making that promise come true. Management thinker and ‘father of Industry 4.0’ Henrik von Scheel describes three key drivers for Industry 4.0 success: think value, not tech; think people, not tools; and set clear targets … read more

RTLS Reshaping Post-Pandemic Manufacturing

You may have heard of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) but many heads of industry are still ignorant to their benefits. As we head into 2023, it is becoming increasingly apparent that RTLS is a standard bearer for the Industry 4.0 revolution. Not only are these systems making a huge variety … read more

Edge AI Drives Smart Device Based Data Processing

Today, in everyday life, digital helpers such as smart apps think for themselves and are already firmly integrated. Currently, however, the processing of data is mostly done on large, external servers. Embedded artificial intelligence (edge AI) is set to change this and enable the processing of data and algorithms directly … read more

Data Driven World Demands New Definition Standards

At a recent meeting of scientists meeting in Versailles, Paris a decision was taken to expand the world’s measuring unit systems for the first time this century. Rapid scientific advances and vast worldwide data storage on the web, in smartphones and in the cloud mean that the very terms used … read more

Smart Sensors For The Smart Factory

Data is the essence of manufacturing. Operations that take better advantage of data can create efficiencies that drive a more profitable production line. Making the transition to a smarter and more connected factory does not have to be complicated. Machines have had different types of sensors on them for years … read more

Flexible Laser Gear Inspection System Announced

Marposs has announced the launch of its new M62 Laser Profiler for Gear Inspection, using laser profile sensors and the optical triangulation principle. Compared with dedicated gear gauging systems or gear laboratory machines, the use of laser technology in the profiler enables it to easily adapt for inspecting a variety … read more

Nikon Launches Turnkey Laser Radar Intelligent Quality Stations

Nikon Industrial Metrology has announced a series of new metrology systems for manufacturers seeking to measure the geometry of medium-to-large parts – from a car door, casting or fabrication to a whole car chassis or airframe structure. APDIS Intelligent Quality (IQ) Stations offer a range of Laser Radar solutions as … read more

Integral Bead Inspection Sensor Ensures Perfect Application

Scheugenpflug, an Atlas Copco company, provides quality monitoring as an integral part of its sealant and adhesive bead dispensing cells saving time and space. By integrating RTVision systems, Scheugenpflug has recently expanded its portfolio for automated production lines handling dispensing tasks. Applying adhesive and sealant … read more

New Vision Sensor Launch Makes The Invisible Visible

The new VISOR UV from SensoPart offers integrated UV illumination that can evaluate markings, inscriptions and codes that are invisible to the human eye. With its wide range of functions, the new member of SensoPart’s VISOR product family is said to be unique on the market opening up a variety … read more

Coaxial 3D Line Confocal Sensor Launched By Hypersen

Hypersen, a supplier of chromatic confocal technology, has announced the release its Coaxial 3D Line Confocal Sensor (HPS-LCX1000) for the global measurement & inspection market. The new sensor offers an effective and high-precision (0.1µm) 3D inspection solution to the measurement and defects detection problems … read more

Contact-Free Sensor Provides Tool Breakage Inspection

Specially designed for quickly sensing tool breakage during use within a machine tool, Heidenhain Corporation has introduced the new TD 110 Tool Breakage Detector. Providing contact-free inspection of drill bits and end mills, it can determine whether a tool is broken off by more than 2mm as it passes within … read more

5G Edge Smart Sensors Control Production Processes

Smart sensors that are wirelessly attached to the component, improve the understanding and control of production processes so that processes can be flexibly monitored and adaptively controlled. What sounds like a far-off vision of the future is already being implemented by the Fraunhofer IPT Institute … read more

Short Cycle Time Challenges For Inline Inspection

An automotive cockpits company specializing in their development and assembly, operating in over 20 locations in more than 10 countries, supplies more than 5 million cockpits units per annum to its national and international customers. In fact, all leading car manufacturers figure among their customers … read more

Cobot Arm Integrates Smart Vision and AI

Techman Robot has announced the introduction of its TM AI Cobot series. AI Cobot is a Collaborative Robot, which combines a powerful and precise robot arm with native AI inferencing engine and smart vision system in a complete package, ready for deployment in factories, accelerating the transition to Industry 4.0. … read more

First Truly Wireless Mobile Infrared Camera Launched

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has announced its FLIR ONE Edge Pro, a wireless thermal-visible camera for mobile devices. Unlike previous models, the reimagined FLIR ONE Edge Pro doesn’t need to be physically connected to its companion mobile device nor does it have separate models … read more

New Technique Locates Multiple Defects on Microchip Circuits

Defective computer chips are the bane of the semiconductor industry. Even a seemingly minor flaw in a chip packed with billions of electrical connections might cause a critical operation in a computer or other sensitive electronic device to fail. By modifying an existing technique for identifying defects, researchers at NIST … read more

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