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Coaxial 3D Line Confocal Sensor Launched By Hypersen

Hypersen, a supplier of chromatic confocal technology, has announced the release its Coaxial 3D Line Confocal Sensor (HPS-LCX1000) for the global measurement & inspection market. The new sensor offers an effective and high-precision (0.1µm) 3D inspection solution to the measurement and defects detection problems in the fields of semiconductors, consumer electronics, new energy, metal, automobile, and aviation.

Compared to current line confocal sensors, HPS-LCX1000 excels in its lateral resolution (1.1µm) and coaxial structure. Coaxial design means the incident and reflected rays overlap. The Coaxial 3D Line Confocal Sensor therefore solves the shadowing problem when measuring
targets with holes, steep slopes, and protruding components.

In addition the Coaxial 3D Line Confocal Sensor offers the following advantages:

➤ High adaptability to various materials, especially transparent and highly reflective mirrored surfaces

➤ Robust capability to measure complex geometric shapes

➤ Max. surface slope on mirror: ±45°

➤ Generation of 2D image and 3D point cloud data by single scan

➤ Axial precision: 0.1µm

➤ Point density: 2,048 points/profile

➤ High scan speed: up to 35,000 lines/sec

Separated sensor head and controller design greatly reduces the measurement error caused by heat generation of the sensor. A 40G optical fiber enables low-latency data transmission between the sensor head and the controller. The controller is equipped with an 8-core 64-bit CPU, high-speed FPGA and an AI accelerator. With integrated highly efficient AI algorithm, HPS-LCX1000 sensor reaches a scanning speed of 35,000 lines/sec. and enables real-time 3D point cloud data output.

What HPS-LCX1000 is suitable to perform 3D topography and dimension measurement, surface defects detection, curved surface measurement, displacement and roughness measurement, gap and flush measurement, and thickness measurement of multi-layer transparent materials

Hypersen Technologies, located in Shenzhen, China was stablished in 2015 in the high-precision measurement field. Hypersen provides: 3D optical profilometer, 3D line confocal sensor, chromatic confocal sensor, high speed industrial camera, 3D LiDAR and 6-axis force torque sensor.

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