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Non-Contact Measurement Technology Featured at CONTROL

The special show ‘Contactless Measurement Technology’ has been a firmly established marketplace for innovations at CONTROL in Stuttgart for many years and is an expression of the long-standing cooperation between the Fraunhofer Vision division and the trade fair organizer. At this year’s event companies and research institutions will be presenting their latest developments and future-oriented technologies from the field of non-contact measurement and testing technology in Hall 6 Booth 6401.

Due to the steadily increasing performance and flexibility of modern systems and the development of constantly expanding scale ranges and new fields of application, it is not easy for interested parties and potential users to orientate themselves on the market today. The special show ‘Contactless Measurement Technology’ offers a first orientation aid when choosing a suitable technology to cope with tasks.

In addition to this initial orientation aid, the exhibitors at the special stand also offer complete non-contact measuring and testing systems , where visitors with specific tasks can find possible solutions.

3D multi-sensor scanner determines the manufacturing quality of large components within a few seconds

Complete and Fast 3D Measurement of Large Components

With ‘ZScan’, senswork is presenting a 3D multi-sensor system that scans large, high-resolution, gapless, three-dimensional components and compares the result with a CAD model in order to determine the manufacturing quality of a production component in just a few seconds. The modular concept often allows direct integration into a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Application examples are the measurement of aluminum die-cast parts, stamped and bent parts as well as busbars or the shadow-free volume determination of cut goods. For more information.

System with diffuse lighting inspecting a medical component

Optical 2D Measuring Machine For Non-Contact Measurement

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is presenting the ZEISS O-DETECT, an optical 2D measuring machine for non-contact and precise testing of geometric parameters of workpieces, such as distances, lengths and angles and diameters of holes. The workpieces to be tested can consist of different materials such as metal, plastic or ceramics. The system is particularly suitable for very small, easily deformable components and for workpieces with sensitive surfaces that should not or cannot be measured tactilely. Areas of application can be found in the medical sector, since measurements can be supplied that are traceable in accordance with ISO10360, or in the watchmaking industry for high-resolution testing of micromechanics. For more information.

System checking the head contact of a screw

Automated Optical Measuring System For Rotationally Symmetrical Components

The Institute for Forming Technology together with ECM Datensysteme GmbH is presenting an optical precision measuring system for the automated measurement of dimensional, shape and position tolerances on rotationally symmetrical components. In addition, concave sub-head structures on screws or bolts etc. can also be measured.

The system works on the basis of the silhouette method and was specially developed for use in the production area. It can be used both for the random sample test during production and for the initial sampling. For more information.

Classification software can be used, for example, for quality control of laser processing

Automatic Segmentation and Classification With Artificial Intelligence

Bruker Alicona presents a new classification software based on artificial intelligence (AI) that enables the automatic detection of IO and NOK surfaces. The methods for automatic classification and segmentation are based on intelligent, self-learning algorithms that characterize, segment, analyze and classify a component without having to program special work processes. Surface parameters for component evaluation are automatically derived and evaluated. The technology will be used to analyze the grain distribution on grinding tools or to assess sandblasted or laser-processed components. For more information.

Software platform uses a tablet camera for testing

Software Platform for Augmented Reality-Based Quality Control

With Twyn, Visometry GmbH, presents a mobile, flexible and fast software platform for quality testing of components and assemblies. Using a tablet camera, the software automatically locates, registers, and tracks inspection parts. A digital twin is then superimposed directly onto the object using CAD data and augmented reality (AR) – special markings or other preparation of the test object are not required for this. Deviations from target and actual states are thus directly visible to the inspector. The system can be used to determine the geometric deviation, to check the alignment and position of a component or to check for completeness. For more information.

Line scan camera with a line frequency of up to 600 kHz include a software module for on-board photometry

System for Fast 2D and 3D Inline Surface Inspection

With xposure:photometry, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology presents a system for very fast 2D and 3D inline surface inspection. By combining an xposure high-speed line scan camera with xposure:flash lighting technology, it is possible to detect even the smallest 3D defects on challenging object surfaces  such as metallic, reflective, dark, granular at high speed. The system is based on the principle of photometric stereo imaging and is just as suitable for use in industrial quality control for testing battery foils, embossing on packaging and gravure printing in banknotes as it is for inspecting infrastructure. For more information.

Extensive volume visualization of a component

Industrial Computer Tomograph For Measuring Complex Components

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is presenting the ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout, an industrial computer tomograph (CT) that digitizes complex components, including internal structures, in a non-contact and non-destructive manner and makes very fine details visible. The system, equipped with a 3k X-ray detector (3008 x 2512 pixels), is particularly suitable for measuring small plastic parts. Thanks to automatic object positioning using the 5-axis kinematics, each test item is measured in the best possible position and therefore with the highest possible resolution. After the test, users receive a complete 3D image for shape and position analyzes or target/actual comparisons. For more information.

Confocal measurement system for precise 3D measurements of technical surfaces

Precise 3D Measurements of Components

Twip optical solutions GmbH presents the 3D surface measurement system ‘Consigno’, which can be used as a laboratory measurement device and, due to its small and lightweight design, as an OEM measurement head for the automation of measurement technology tasks. The system is based on the confocal measuring principle, which uses the depth of field for topography recording and is used, for example, in surface inspection (functional surfaces, e.g. in micro-optics or running surfaces of cylinders and plain bearings), in the determination of geometric properties (e.g. height of a gradation on injection-moulded plastic components) or for roughness and contour measurement. For more information.